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Find Akita in dogs, puppies for sale | Find dogs and puppies locally for sale or adoption in Toronto (GTA) : get a boxer, husky, German shepherd, pug, and more on Kijiji, free online classifieds in Canada.Search our FREE Akita breeders directory, the largest breeder directory in the United States and Canada. Find Akita puppies for sale nearest you by zip and postal codeAkita guides are your source for Akita photos, profiles and information about the Akita breed. Find up to date articles and stories from other owners. To be the best caregiver and puppy owner you can, take the time to learn about the Akita breed before you find a breederInformation on finding a Akita : How to find a Akita . Have questions about breeder warning signs you should look out for, wondering if you should get an adult or puppy? This article on how to find a Akita is for you.Checklist to evalulate a Akita breeder. The dog breeders listed in our dog breeders directory must adhere to a strict code of ethics.
However, this checklist will give you the insite to you make sure you get your puppy or dog from someone reputable.If you are a Akita Breeder learn how to be included in our directory: Register your Akita kennel to be included in the Breeders.NET directory.Akita dog breeders and dog kennels! Register for a listing on breeders.NET today. pomsky puppies for sale ncAccess your current listing to modify, renew or delete it.great dane puppies bradenton flFinding new Akita puppies just got a little easierpuppies for adoption in dutchess county ny
Welcome to our den! Breeders.NET is your comprehensive web resource for Akita listings, kennels, puppies, adult dogs, information and pictures. If you're searching for information on the Akita or if you want to know if a Akita puppy is right for your family - you've sniffed out the right site!Learn the information you need to know about the Akita , get descriptions, breed traits, articles and Akita pictures.yorkshire terrier pups for sale in merthyr tydfilFetch your purebred Akita information right now!fennec fox kits for sale ukFind purebred Akita breeders nearest you, fast and free! Have you thought out if you really want a purebred Akita puppy? Will it be the right dog breed selection for your family? Where can you find the Akita dog and breeder you want?
How do you evaluate a dog breeder? and How do you select your purebred Akita pup? Looking for a Akita breeder in California? How about Pennsyvania or Ohio? Ontario, Michigan, or Georgia? Are you in New Jersey, Horth Carolina, Virginia or Quebec?Do you need a Akita breeder in Massachsetts, Indiana, Washington, Tennessee or Missouri? Maybe Arizona, Maryland, Wisconsin or Minnesota? Or in any of the other U.S. states or Canadian provinces.Are you in or near a metropolitan area like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago? San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto or Houston? Maybe Montreal or Cleveland. How about St. Louis, Denver, Miami, Pittsburgh, Tampa or Vancouver?You've come to the right place to find a Akita breeder nearest any of these and other North American locations.Find dogs and puppies locally for sale or adoption in Ontario : get a boxer, husky, German shepherd, pug, and more on Kijiji, free online classifieds in Canada.Meibutsu 8 months old7 weeks old puppy female
Shunyou x Taku Puppies 5 WksDianne and Scott from LA-USA visit Serdess AkitasMeibutsu getting all the HuggsA little Lady that looks all LadyMy Favorite Female Ever "Meiyosho" MomokoMother of our MegumiThe Silver Black Brindle PrincessHow about that at 5-6 weeks~ Perfect little Head "Chijutsu"Go Serdess as a PupTsuriai Go Serdess as a PupSadie at 7 months Shunyou x Daiju*********New Import from FranceNew Arrival Female "Ayame"Ayame has special TypeGreat head/eyes/ears with a rich red coat---------a great additionKevin Izard-Carroll visits SerdessPuppies 6 weeks oldReserve for Next LitterIn Alaska With the Rochin Family Chowa 9 wks old Female "Chuijitsu" 6 weeks Red Female The Future................ 2 Males 5 1/2 weeks Zeitaku 5 month old Male Tsuriai 3 1/2 months old Male Pup Tsuriai 8 wks 2yr old Male At-Chi Sacho 8 week old Male Zeitaku Go Serdess Just turned 3 months Taking afternoon walk with \Mom ( Shunyou as a young puppy)(Mom to Pups) Great Quality Puppies!
Hidemaru as a Pup (Sire of Puppies) Like Daddy(Hidemaru) Serdess Akitas Nao Special Visit Gabriela and Mike ***** Breeder Judge/40 yrs With Am/Jap Akitas From Germany Visiting Serdess Akitas On July 6 2012 Akita BookCall/Order ***** Akiho Registered Japanese Akitas Come in And see for yourself! Nao (Female) Shunyou (female) Shunyou as a BabyIn Japan, the Akita symbolizes health and well being. Learn more about these loyal, fun-loving dogs! Akita In Japan, the Akita symbolizes health and well being. Learn more about these loyal, fun-loving dogs!If you are looking to buy a Japanese Akita Inu aka "Hachiko dog" within Canada or the U.S then you've come to the right place. Located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, our kennel promises to deliver the best quality puppies with different colors ( Orange/White, Red/White, Snow white as well as Brindle). While we would love to provide every Canadian/American family with it's own hachiko, our puppies quantity is limited at the end of the day and only those who provide our kennel with advance deposits will be placed ahead of the line.
Please note that this site is still under construction however if you'd like to inquire about our current puppies then fill your inquiry form located on our"CONTACTS PAGE"the Japanese Akita Inu In the last ten years the dog world has recognized that there are now two different akita breeds.They are now known as "Japanese and North American Akitas". The Akita has been split into two seperate breeds all over the world, by request of the Japanese Kennel Club. The only two kennel clubs in the world to refuse the split so far are the "AKC" and the "CKC". For the rest of the dog world, there are two Akita's, the American Akita (also simply known as "Akita") and the Japanese ( Akita Inu revealed in the Hachko Movie). The differences are easy to see... the American has a large bear shaped head while the Japanese has a more refined triangular head.Their eyes, ears and muzzles are also completely different. Many Akita owners don't know the difference and continue to addto the confusion by refering their American dogs as Japanese.
Even some breeders are unaware that they are refering to their dogs as the wrong breed!. With that being said our kennel specializes in only and only the Japanese Akita.Frequently Asked questions Shipping: Shipping to the United States of America costs around 400 U.S dollars roughly. We Offer our American customer’s alternative means of transportation (email us for more info). Canadian customers: as we are located in Ottawa we’ll be glad to deliver within a radius not exceeding 200 KM at no extra charge. Vaccine and Microchip: “YES” all our puppies come with up to date vaccine, deworming as well as Microchip number registered with CanadaChip. MicroChip registration remains under our kennel name till the puppy reaches the age of 6 month and a proof of neutering/spay has been mailed to our address as per contract. Breeders are welcome to purchase any puppy from our kennel under a total different agreement.Health Guarantee: Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, free of any communicable disease at the time of sale.
Your puppy has been examined & vaccinated by a veterinarian and has been given a clean bill of health. The buyer agrees to take puppy to a veterinarian of your choice within 3 business days of purchase for a “Well Puppy Visit” and to validate good health. Illnesses not covered within the first 3 business days are dehydration, diarrhea, or hypoglycemia as these can be prevented or easily corrected and are common when puppies move to a new home. I provide a 1-year, from whelping date, life-threatening genetic health guarantee, in which problem results in death. Problem must be presented in writing by a licensed vet and may need to be examined for an additional opinion. In the event of a problem, puppy will be replaced in the same manner with one of like sex and quality when puppy is available. No cash refunds will be given. All sales are final. Seller will not be responsible for any type of veterinarian bill or medication for puppy. I do not guarantee against Parvo, Corona, Coccidiosis, Giardia, Hernias, or Collapsed Tracheal, Hypoglycemia, and Patellar Luxation since these may involve trauma or environmental issues.