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Rescue an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle DogAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Puppies for SaleAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog(Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog) Shasta the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog—Even at 10 years old, she still can’t wait for someone to throw the FrisbeeThe head of the Stumpy Tail Cattle dog is balanced with the body. The eyes are medium sized and oval shaped. The ears are broad at the base, set wide apart on the head and of medium size. The muzzle is medium and tapered to a point. The nose is black and self-colored according to coat. The bite is scissor or level. It has a medium length and extremely strong neck and a deep and muscular chest with well-sprung ribs. The body has a level back that slopes at the rump. Forelegs should be perfectly straight when viewed from the front. Hind legs are broad, strong, muscular and straight from the hocks to the feet when viewed from the back. The feet are round with short toes. It has a natural bobtail. Its coat is medium-short, straight, dense and harsh.
Colors include red speckled with darker red markings on the head or blue speckled with black markings on the head. Energetic, watchful, free-spirited, obedient and alert. Brave and trustworthy, the Stumpy Tail is suspicious of strangers, but very loyal to its own family. It possesses a great working ability to control cattle. It loves to work and is very attentive to its owners’ commands. It is an intelligent cattle dog that can become easily bored, leading to serious behavior problems. It is not the type to sit around the house or be tied up in the backyard all day doing nothing. It needs a firm, confident, consistent pack leader, who will give it rules to follow and limits as to what it is and is not allowed to do. This highly intelligent working dog needs to be part of the action and will thrive if you give it a job to do. Some tend to nip at people's heels in an attempt to herd them. Will be good with kids if you make him clearly see humans are his pack leader. If you do not make this clear, the dog may not be good with kids they were not raised with or do not know very well.
Very good in the obedience ring and in herding and agility. Firm training and discipline from the start and lot of daily attention will produce a fine and happy pet. The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog originated from Australia. It is a descendent of the Dingo, which was crossed with a long dense-coated, black and white bob-tailed dog (Smithfield). In 1988 the breed was recognized by the Australian National Kennel Club. What's the difference between the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog and the Australian Cattle Dog1. The Stumpy's body is rather square, while the Australian Cattle Dog's body is a bit longer than it is high.2. The Stumpy's ears are wider apart, and set higher on the head than the ACD's.3. Stumpies should not have any tan patches.Owned by SilverPark KennelSilverPark's Kennel Burnum shown here as a puppy. Owned by Kim Matthews, Baltimore, MD. Burnum is Frijoles’s son.Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog puppy SilverPark Bella Lugosi, Owned by SilverPark Kennel
Burnum, a 6-month-old Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog puppy, photo courtesy of SilverPark's Kennel, owned by Kim Matthews, Baltimore, Marylanddoberman pinscher for sale in inland empireBurnum the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog at 9 months old, bred by SilverPark Kennel and owned by Kim Matthews, Baltimore, MDteacup yorkies for sale in billings montanaBurnum the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog taking a cool dip in the fish pond that hasn’t been installed yet and finds daddy useful for thisbeagles for sale buford gaPhoto courtesy of Redraglyn & Smithy Kennelspug puppy for sale seaham
Photo courtesy of Redraglyn & Smithy KennelsAust Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Breeders who are located in Australia and New Zealand. puppies for sale 60102We also have 2 Puppies for Sale Notice(s) and 1 Mature Dogs for Sale Notice(s) for this region. puppies for sale irmo scAMBAJAYE Contact : Bernadette Merchant Location : Colo Heights NSW Email : Send Email 'Ambajaye' Where history repeats itself time after time. Consistently producing BIS 'Specialty' winners, BIS Semi Specialty Winners,BIS All Breeds winners and Best In Group (All breeds) winners. Also producing stumpies that excel in the performance world both in Australia, Europe and America. First and foremost is breed type while always keeping in mind "soundness" in both body and mind.
We do it the "hard' way against stiff competition but with quality examples of the breed , it really does make it 'easy'Breeding for QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. Puppies "SOMETIMES" available to approved homes.All Puppies BAER tested.Bi Annual Eye examinations for anomalies. All breeding dogs are hip and Elbow scored. Photo : Multi BISS,Multi BISSS.Mutli BIG & Runner Up BIG All Breeds Supreme Ch Ambajaye Tail Not Included. HIC DROVINGMATE Contact : Stewart & Michelle Oates Location : "Bootingee" via Menindee NSW Ph : 08 80914446 Email : Send Email "The Drovers Dog" Drovingmate & Silverlock Kennels are Breeders of quality Red & Blue Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs,with proven working ability in Outback Australia where stamina is essential,these dogs have also proven themselves along side the best in the show rings. We at Drovingmate & Silverlock pride ourselves on breeding the Stumpy within the guidlines of the Australian Standard set by the ANKC,yet at the same time retaining the stumpys working ability for which they where breed.
Dogs and bitches at Drovingmate kennels have been breed from some of the same lines of stumpys since 1968 and will not be breed from unless they have proven themselves worthy in the paddock & yards which is a breeding practice today lost by many. All pups from Drovingmate/Silverlock Kennels will only go to homes where they will be given the chance for a long and meaningful life. Drovingmate/Silverlock dogs have been used by Drovers and Stockmen for many years Australia wide and still retain there working ability today. Silverlock Stumpys where among the first in Australia to have full registration on the development register.We strive to keep the late Loraine Bausts prefix Silverlock alive, Loraine had a great love for the breed and done the breed proud in her own quite but diligent way.Remember that the original Stumpy has been a "DROVINGMATE" since 1845 & has played a big part in stock movments across this harsh country. Hey folks when purchasing a "Mate" think of a "DROVINGMATE" Photo : Drovingmate/Silverlock Reds ALKINA Contact : Lisa Kennedy Location : Kyneton VIC Ph : (03) 5423-9578 Email : Send Email Lisa Kennedy
ph (03) 5423 9578mobile 0408 584 025'ALKINA' Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs. Puppies occasionally available to approved homes. Leading the way with Optigen prcd-PRA testing. All breeding dogs are Hip and Elbow scored. Home of 1st development registered dog in VictoriaPhoto : ALKINA KRUISIN BOY KARTE Contact : Rosemary Barker Location : Dublin SA Ph : 0419166453 Email : Send Email Breeders of Australian StumpyTail Cattle Dogs Red Blues for work show or companion Also breeders of Australian Cattle Dogs and Kelpies Enquires most welcome Photo : Karte Uspina Redtail MARYHEATHER Contact : Dan Murphy Location : Ballarat VIC Ph : 0487393172 Email : Send Email Maryheather Kennels has been breeding Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog for over 15 years. Dan Murphy of Maryheather Kennels has a long history with the breed, growing up and working with them. These athletic dogs are willing workers, enjoying stock work, activities like agility or a walk in the park.
They are loyal companions that make great members of any family. Maryheather’s focus on breeding dogs is temperament, conformation and working abilities, producing dogs that are suitable for show, work and most importantly your companion. Longevity, Loyalty and Intelligence are qualities we cherish in our dogs. Please visit our website or phone for more information, orders taken for pups.Please ring Photo : Maryheather Jellybean ARAVAN Contact : B & F Eichmann Location : Kyogle NSW Ph : 0412924566 Email : Send Email We are a small kennel now located in Kyogle NSW , we have been breeding pedigree registered dogs since 1984. Origanly we had both Australian and Stumpy Tailed cattle dogs until the late 90's when we lost our last Australian Cattle dog. We are now devoting all our efforts to the Australian Stumpy Cattle Dogs.Photo : Aust CH Aravan Misterfyde TAHRAE Contact : Liz Monahan Location : Ballarat VIC Ph : 0407 248 133 Email : Send Email My first Aust Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog came to live with me in 2007 not long after loosing my 15yr old Aust Cattle Dog.