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The Siberian Husky is a popular dog breed. It has its roots in Eastern Siberia, where for thousands of years it was used as a sled dog. Around one hundred year ago, it was imported to Alaska, where it attracted attention as a strong, dominating and loyal pet breed.Size Furry ears with almost round skull and eyes of almond shape make the characteristic look of the Siberian Husky. It is 50cm to 60 cm tall by shoulders and weighs around 20kg to 30 kg.Coat The Siberian Husky has evolved and survived in the extreme Siberian and Alaskan weather conditions only due to its straight hair that are dense and form a rough outer coat and a smooth under coat. White, pure white, grey, copper-red and even black color Siberian Husky are quite common.Temperament The most noticeable temperamental characteristic of the Siberian Husky is that it is clever than several other dog breeds. The Huskies are also adventurous, and stubborn. They are a poor watch dog due to their temperament of becoming friend to everyone.
Care At the time of the shedding, the Huskies require regular grooming and combing. puppies for adoption in sabahSiberian Husky should be given a bat only when it is really necessary. teacup yorkies for sale honoluluThe pet has a lifespan of 12-14 years and under proper care it remains healthy throughout.shar pei puppies el paso txMr. Jagpal, an avid animal lover from a young age, who has a passion for all kinds of animal, set out to follow his dream of being a dog breeder. yorkie poo puppies greenville nc
His journey that started in 1980s and spans across four decades molded him into one of the most reputed breeders of India.gumtree chorkie pups for saleJagpal Kennel, the sanctuaries of his dreams, from where Mr. Jagpal manages his passion of dog care and dog breeding has been a popular destination for pet lovers throughout the country and has also become a regular name with all kinds of pet lovers especially in Delhi and NCR.puppies for adoption dothan alJagpal kennel has bred right from German Shepherd, Chow Chow, Mastiffs and now specializes in Siberian Husky, ShihTzu, Cocker Spaniel and Beagles. The Huskies from Jagpal kennel has even won accolades all over India.The legacy of Mr. Jagpal and his dream of making Jagpal Kennel the best pet shop in Delhi is now shared by his son Dr. Jitendra, who being a veterinary surgeon has added a new dimension in the breeding facility and pet care at the kennel.
Mr. Jagpal, apart from being a breeder has also judged numerous dog shows and has been actively helping in relocating abandoned dogs and cats found in the Delhi and nearby region.With their gorgeous coats, unique markings and icy eyes, the Siberian Huskies are known and loved the world over for their beauty. Huskies are also immensely intelligent and active dog, an aspect that, sadly, several Husky owners have either under researched or choose to ignore till it’s too late. It’s safe to say that Huskies are neither for the faint-hearted nor for the first-time dog family. The more research one puts in before deciding to spend their life with this breed, the better. The image of a Siberian Husky running miles and miles in the snow is an important one to keep in mind; they are not meant for hot climates, unless they are confined to an air-conditioned life indoors.The Siberian Husky can make the perfect pet for families with children, provided the adults are experienced dog people and not first-time dog families.
Huskies are affectionate and even protective towards children and don’t have a tendency to be moody around them. However, as in the case of all dogs, early socialisation with young children and other animals helps them cope more easily. Huskies are essentially a pack breed, so they tend to do very well with other animals in the house as well. Smaller animals like hamsters, guinea pigs and birds might be in danger though, because Huskies were bred to hunt in snow covered mountains where food was scarce. A much smaller animal may be seen as prey rather than family! Huskies were not bred to spend hours in confined places. They need plenty of time in the outdoors and do very well in houses with large yards, provided the yard is firmly fenced off from the road. They were also bred to bear extreme cold, so they don’t tend to do well in warm climates. If you’re planning on living with a Husky in a warm place, make sure your home is adequately air-conditioned to keep the dog comfortable at all times.
Wherever the Husky is expected to live, be sure to give him or her plenty of exercise in a secure space and long walks and runs on leash, to keep them from channelizing their intelligent minds towards destruction.If you are looking for a new puppy or would like to adopt a mature age dog that desperately needs a new home, then the Delhi Dog category is the place to find a suitable one in your local area. OFFERING / FOR SALE: siberian husky male puppy Location: Metro Manila / NCRDate posted: 2010 Jun 25Transaction type: OFFERING / FOR SALEmale 14k PCCI WITH 16 RED MARKS VACCINATED DEWORMED 2 MONTHS DOB APRIL 19 0939 476 90 41 Email: minnie_beckham[at]yahoo[dotcom] Previous: SIBERIN HUSKY PUPPY female Next: Shih Tzu Puppies for sale Keyword tags for this ad:siberian, pets, husky, puppy, pcci, dog, Search terms leading to this ad:SIBERIAN HUSKY FOR SALE IN METRO MANILA, siberian husky puppies for sale manila, siberian husky puppies 2 months, 4 sale puppy manila, siberian husky philippines, pictures of shih-tzu puppies for sale in manila, siberian huskies for sale metro manila, siberian husky for sale metro manila, siberian husky sold in manila 2010, siberian husky female puppies manila