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Find Dogs in your area. Search by zip code or browse by city.Capturing the greatness of the Dobe genetically - Cultivating their mind through education.Delivering Hoytt Doberman Pinschers world wide since 19582076 Ranch Road, Dandridge, Tennessee 37725DobeFest 2015 set for September 10th thru 12thSuccess has its rewards and when it comes to those who are enjoying the fruits of their labor now in search of a World Class Doberman as a Companion do check us out , we are the most successful Doberman Specialist in the history of the breedThe greatness of the Hoytt Doberman Pinscher comes through in many ways from their personal love of their family to their comprehensive qualities and sense of humor. Adding the American Kennel Club recorded wins first in conformation during the structure development of the Hoytt Doberman dating from the 50's and from the 80's to today the well documented ongoing successes that put us #1 from the 80's in the performance ring. The Obedience Ring is best presented as the test track of the mind showing the Hoytt Dobermans inherent intelligence and excellent temperament as companions.
In the obedience ring the consistent wins of our client trained and shown as well as our trainers showing off their also reflect directly on what the Hoytt Doberman Pinscher today represents - "The best of the Best". great dane puppies des moines iowaPictured on the left is Marshal formally Hoytts Law & Order CGC RN CD TDI together with Jersey Girl gave us our next "best of the best" generation the first day of Spring. puppies for sale ayr qldAn outstanding confident natural eared happy girl with an education to match. boston terrier for sale roswell nm
Why not enjoy a great mind who also looks like they belong on the cover of a breed magazinesiberian husky for sale pensacola flSo for those with the greatest expectations turn to the breeder that has created the first and only health, style and temperament guided breeding program by creating the most protected bloodline in the history of the Doberman with over twenty unbroken generations of Hoytt Dobermans to study when evaluating what pair should bring us the next generation. puppies for sale tonypandy"The further back you can look, the further forward you can see" We are the only breeder to develop, maintain and profile with extreme preciseness what each youngster placed today will be as the adult it quickly becomes. pomsky puppy for sale bc
And behind every Dobe placed today we use our knowledge gained over seventy-five years working with buyers, followed by years of Owner Feedback who give us a very in-depth picture of their Hoytt Dobe's life as the years pass. In effect each current and past Hoytt Dobe are in their times, a living Pedigree not a piece of paper that just gives mostly a dogs name. Add our Client Profiling with it's link found on the index page and you can better understand the exclusiveness of The House of HoyttWith the Hoytt Dobermans greatness in all the right areas further helps make the Hoytt Dobermans unique in the dog world from our medically finished pups to our exclusive Grand Victor while our Super Pup training programs have also remained unmatched as the constantly youngest Dobes to receive their AKC Canine Good Citizen's Certification before placement. But first and foremost our job is to create the foundation of the great adult Doberman companion - our medically finished pup. Admittedly once placed it is our owner families themselves, those responsible achievers in their own right that added to our outstanding successes.
So from the best behavior in the home and in public to the winners in the AKC Performance Rings from the first level to the winning of the Doberman Pinscher Club National Top20 play offs.My Dobes have made the Top20 more times then any other breeder - a special mention ... Hoytts Hidden Treasure UDX4 OM4 GN GO RE . This team has made breed history reaching the he DPCA T20 charts more times then any other Dobe to date. And to further establish our reign as "Leader of the Pack" , this decade also saw four Hoytt Dobes make America's prestigious Top20 at the DPCA 2012 National. Now the new kids on the block may be a bit too young to make the Top20 for 2015 but they already are winners in our hearts. Way to go gangKnow most of our owners enjoy their Hoytt Dobes at a private family level but I definitely also applaud all of our clients who have time, patience and fortitude to also take on the world of competitive obedience.Rebecca & her 11 year old little one M.E., the other half of her obedience team Forrest 4 years and Pearl at 10 weeks.
Great minds and excellent appearance along with unsurpassed medical programs and the extensive health protocols we follow before placement then adding our guidance once placed leave me with one question for the first timer to our site..."WHY NOT THE BEST""Straight from the heart" Meet of the Future 2016 D.P.C.A Top20 Obedience teams AKC Obedience CompetitionFind Dogs for Sale in Knoxville on Oodle Marketplace. Jun. 2 $200, Blue pit bull puppies (South Knoxville, Tennessee) Blue pit bull puppies $200 each mother and father has NKC registration. Great dogs that need a nice home! 28 $500, Arctic Fox Babies (Seymour Missouri) I have a 4 week old male. He is eating well and ready to go to his new home. He is from 2 whites. I have a litter born 5/26. I am taking deposits of $100 to hold them...Home About Us Contact Us TN Dogs KY Dogs Success Stories FAQ's Adoption ApplicationThis page was set up so that we could share our passion for the doberman.