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Give a pet a good home in Nuneaton, Warwickshire on Gumtree. border collie trust gb is a registered charity rescuing and rehoming border collies throughout the ukJames Rebanks brings every update to more than 40,000 followers on social network when Floss goes into labour on Lake District farm A Lake District farmer has shared the joy of one of his sheepdogs giving birth to 10 puppies with live updates on Twitter.James Rebanks took to the social network when sheepdog Floss went into labour on Thursday night.• 'Hollywood want to make a movie out of my book', says James RebanksHe then spent 11 hours live-tweeting every development on the births to his more than 40,000 followers.Mr Rebanks, whose family has farmed in north west England for more than 600 years, began his commentary at 6pm when all was quiet.The border collie is a large breed of dog, often very strong and known for its huge mane around the neck and either a rough or smooth coat. It has a known life expectancy of 14-16years.
Its features consist of a wedge-shaped head, arched eyebrows and a chiselled face also featuring a rounded muzzle. Border collie eyes are medium-sized, almond- shaped and brown in colour except the blue merles which spot blue eyes or either colour for each eye. They have small cute ears which stand high except for the tips which fold forward.Border collie legs are straight and the tail is a bit long and either has an upward twist or swirl at its end , always carried low. The border collie coat colour varies from sable and white; black, white and turn; white and tricolour markings.Highly intelligent, the border collie learns quickly making it an easy dog to train. It is also sensitive and mild-mannered and can get along perfectly with other pets or dogs. Border collies make great pets because of their friendly nature and they are great kid companions. However, it is important to note that despite their good nature, they require firmness during training because they can be very stubborn or wilful Any slack in firmness will automatically lead to lack of cooperation on the border collie's part.
Caring for the border collie Known to be a healthy breed of dog, border collies are however prone to eye problems especially the border collie eye syndrome and hip problems which often leads to arthritis or lameness.Border collie Heat sensitivityWhen walking the border collie especially when the sun is hot, applying sunblock on its nose might be appropriate because of the high level of sensitivity on that area. Also ensure that your border collie is under a shade and a supply of fresh water should be constant during hot weather.Border collies can be fed on either commercial dry dog food or natural raw food. According to professional breeders, whatever food a border collie puppy is started on should continue for up to four months after which, a slow introduction of other foods can then be done. If you discover a change in your border collie pup's stool after introducing a new diet, then discontinue with the new diet and stick to the old one or try something else.Border collies enjoy grooming.
It is an important exercise for a border collie because it keeps the coat dirt free and enables circulation of air resulting to a healthy looking coat which is also easy to care for. Grooming should be done once per week and special attention should be given to areas such as between the hind legs, under the front legs and behind the ears. Grooming should be done on the first day you bring your puppy home for the purposes of bonding.puppies for sale dunnvilleBorder collies are outdoor dogs although they can still be okay when indoors. teacup yorkies for sale in wilmington ncThey require frequent exercising and a few romps minus their leashes in a safe location where they can run freely. puppies for sale bury lancs
A long walk everyday is all the exercise a border collie will need to avoid being overweight.Border collie puppies are lovely dogs and when properly taken care of, they grow up to be very distinguished looking animals, the perfect reward for the care giver.Border collie puppies are lovely dogs and when properly taken care of, they grow up to be very distinguished looking animals, the perfect reward for the care giver.Find Dogs and Puppies for sale in Coventry at Pets4Homes, the most popular free pet advertising website in the UK. bully pitbulls for sale augusta gaBearded Collie dogs are medium-sized and strong working dogs with long and lean body. chow chows for sale in sheffieldThe head is flat,broad, long and with moderate stop.
The muzzle is relatively short, strong and full with a black and square nose. The ears, which are medium-sized, are covered with long hair and hang close to the head. The large teeth meet in a scissors bite. In most cases, the eyes are wide and are in tone with the colour of the coat. This coat is shaggy and waterproof hanging over the entire body including the chin. This is why it is commonly known as "Beardie". Normally, the average height is 20-22 inches (51-56cm) and weighs about 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg) and with a life expectancy of between 14-15 years.The Bearded Collie is cheerful and has tail-wagging humour. It often offers great company to the children because of its lively, affectionate, and playful nature. It just loves to be around people. To prevent it from mischief due to its exuberant and high energy nature, daily physical and mental exercise should be provided. They make excellent farm dogs and prefer to be outdoors. Dealing with this dog requires one to be firm but calm, consistent and display of confidence in order convince the dog you are in authority.