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I have for sale here tinker bell or bell i call her for short i came to own bell really as to help a friend out i bought her off him as he hasnt had the best of times and i have had experience in breeding dogs (german shepherds) so i thought ....This ad isFeatured 8 images Stunning Quality Breed KC Reg Pug Puppies I am proud to announce my current litter of 5 beautiful stunning Quality Breed pug puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls born on the 25th of May 6 days old ready to leave mum on the 20th of July. I am a professional pug breeder who takes special pride of all tDate of birthDOB:25 May 2015 Ready for rehomeRehome date:20 Jul 2015 Kirkby, Merseyside £1,200 Save this adMrs S Watkins-Mcgowan Fareham Hampshire Current Health TestsMy name is Sam, I live with my husband Mark and we are a Show Hobby Breeder based on the South Coast of EnglandWe love our dogs and have both shown and bred for the last 15 years (although Mark has actually shown and bred a while longer than myself)
I fell in love with the Boston Terriers after seeing them at various Shows and was hooked on the breed - I knew thatone day I would like to own one myselfMy first Boston Terrier arrived in 2010, her bloodlines are based around some of the best American and English linesWe strive to breed healthy stock and .... (click to read more)Anyone emailing your IP address will be attached....Police are monotouring this account......puppies for adoption in missoula mtYour IP is being recorded for our members protectionyorkie poo puppies kalamazoo miHello and welcome to Lablancnoir.. biewer yorkies for sale in alberta
We are a small kennels in nottinghamshire,we show our French bull dogs and Boston terriers at championship level..With dogs qualified for Crufts 2014 but also our dogs are pets and a massive part of our family.All our dogs have current health tests .Our Bostons and Frenchis are HC clear tested.Heart tested and DNA profiled with the kennel club.... If you are in need of any help and .... Although we are new to the Boston Terrier, we have shown and bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers for a number of years. pomsky dog for sale in irelandWe now own 2 Bostons that we show lightlypuppies for sale ikman.lkHi and welcome to our page. We are a small show family based on the south coast of England. We have shown Boston terriers since 2012 and have had success in the UK and Europe gaining the title VDH European junior winner 2014.
Our aim is to show and breed healthy and happy Boston Terriers to the Uk Breed standard, screening and testing to all BVA and KC health schemes. Puppies are sometimes available.I have been breeding and showing Dalmatians for over 40 years and am a Senior Member of all UK Dalmatian Clubs. I am a Accredited Breeder with the Kennel Club and there have been 9 UK Champions and several overseas.All puppies bred are home reared, hearing tested microchipped and fully insured plus of course KC Registered and go to their new homes with comprehensive guidance on rearing and living with the breed.I am also the Breed Representative for Northumberland in respect of any welfare or resuce issues relating to the breed.In addition I am an International Judge .... Steve and Marion Mcardle Liverpool Merseyside Current Health TestsWe are Marion and Steve McArdle - We are a small kennel based in Merseyside.Marion is Secretary of the Merseyside Boxer Club and has held this position since February 2000 and Assistant Secretary of Maghull and Merseyside Canine Society.
Marion has been judging Boxers for many years and awards CCs in them. She also judges breeds in the Working and Utility Groups. Her first Championship Show appointment abroad was at the South Island Boxer Club, Christchurch New Zealand in September 2012, followed by an invitation to judge Boxers at The Swedish Boxer Club in Vaxjo in September .... (click to read more)THE THEFT of a family dog is every owner's worst nightmare - and the problem seems to be getting worse on Merseyside with pets sold for thousands of pounds over the internet to unwitting new owners.In the last few years, the price of many pedigree dogs has rocketed, with certain puppies attracting a price tag of around £2,500.In Merseyside, many of these expensive dog breeds are particularly popular – including pugs, French bulldogs, Boston terriers, spaniels, and types of terriers and poodles.Now thieves are targeting unwary owners with some animals apparently being stolen to order and others sold – often over the internet.
Julie Coroli’s French bulldog, Sully, was stolen from her partner’s black Ford Mondeo last month.“It’s heart-breaking,” says Julie, 36, from Wavertree. “My boyfriend was away for a minute or two at most. The car was found abandoned in Kirkby with nothing taken – they hadn’t touched the credit cards or anything – the only thing taken was Sully.“The children are devastated. They just want their dog back.” Julie is particularly concerned because Sully is deaf and was to have an operation on her ears.“She is medium-sized and often mistaken for a pug,” explains Julie. “She is such a friendly dog and would go off with anyone.“She had severe problems with her last litter of puppies, which all died. She has a scar from the Caesarean, but is not spayed so we are worried that whoever has taken her will try to use her for breeding. But her body just won’t be able to cope.” Margaret and Frank Wildman know all too well about the pain of losing a dog.
Last year they had three nine-month-old Boston Terrier pups stolen from their home in West Derby.Margaret, 69, says: “There is not one day that goes by when I don’t think ‘where are my babies?’. I just hope whoever has them is a dog lover like us. I hope they’re warm and fed properly. Our dogs are part of the family.” Margaret and Frank are some of the top breeders in the UK. They had been out with friend, Liz Rankin, when thieves broke in and took the pups.“Liz had left her Boston Terrier puppy, Gus, who is the top winning pup in the country, with ours in the kennel,” says Margaret.After a publicity campaign, one puppy was found running free – owners have found that when it becomes known that a dog has been stolen it becomes much harder to sell on – but she was badly injured.“Her eye was damaged beyond repair,” says Margaret. “But we were so pleased to have her back. Now I just hope someone will return the other two.” Nationally, figures show an estimated 3,500 dog thefts last year – an increase of around 17% on the previous 12 months.
The biggest rise has been in thefts of cocker spaniels, following an increase in popularity after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge adopted a puppy, Lupo.Jan Cavanagh, from Woolton, is the north west co-ordinator for Dog Lost, a non-profit organisation that aims to reunite owners with their missing animals.Last year, the organisation, which keeps the country’s only database of missing and stolen dogs, received around 3,500 reports of dog thefts – estimated to be far more than those recorded by police forces.“When owners contact us, they are absolutely distraught,” says Jan. “I got involved after I lost my own dog. Thankfully we got him back but I’ll never forget that sick feeling.“Now my dogs are both microchipped, tattooed and neutered. You have to be so careful.” Jan advises owners to be wary with their pets.“I can’t believe it when I see dogs tied up outside shops,” she says. “You wouldn’t leave your handbag outside in the street for anyone to take, so why leave your dog?
Gardens aren’t always safe either and the same goes for cars.” As well as contacting the dog warden and visiting all the local rescue centres, Jan recommends owners check the internet if their pets go missing: “Ads might say that the dog needs a home for one reason or another and offer a lower price than for a puppy. Some are genuine, but some aren’t.“I know people who have gone on there and got their dogs back after finding them for sale.“It’s also worth posting a ‘wanted’ advert to see if anyone contacts you.” Jan also recommends owners put up posters, contact newspapers and create Facebook groups to publicise their missing dogs.Sgt Tony Grimes, from Merseyside Police, says: "By law, owners must have a collar and an ID tag on their dog. I'd always recommend a microchip, too, in case there are any problems over proving ownership.“If people spend the best part of a thousand pounds on a pedigree dog, it also makes sense to get it chipped.” Anyone with information about a lost or found dog should call police on 101.