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Yorkshire Bullyz has for sale 2 Male Chocolate Tri Olde English Bulldogs. They are big boned and stunning to look at, they have the wow factor. They is reg with NEBBR and comes with full pedigree. They are from top bloodlines, The sire is Hoh....Cherrystone, a famous black Aylestone Velia - looking muddy. Nettleberry - a flowered Rockhill Newby a black Rockhill Jim with Quebec's pup Splash, a flowered Rockhill The splendid Bentley, China's pup and a black Rockhill with blue tongue Siwald, Quebec's pup, a flowered Rockhill Velia's puppies Geronimo Geronimo and Custer as pups Geronimo Welcome back to the Aylestone Bulldog Website - the original home of the Aylestone Bulldog(contact@aylestonebulldog is no longer working). Phone 0116 2442313 or mobile 07974281718.KEEPING THE FLAME ALIVEThough no longer breeding Aylestones we wish to keep alive the flame of Aylestone. In order to help this along Jenny wants to help people to find a stud dog, or a dam requiring a stud.
She also wants to make sure that Ayestones in need of rescue get good homes. The idea is to keep a register of studs and dams so that you can find a good mate for your dog in your area, or as near as possible. bichon frise for sale peterleeAlways remember, when considering a stud dog, that it is necessary to take the dam to the sire as the dog is less likely to perform away from home, and 2 or 3 matings is usually recommended.spoodle pups for sale gold coastIf you wish your dog to father puppies send us a photo, his pedigree name or number and contact details.bichon frise for sale peterlee
If you wish to have have puppies with your dog the best thing to do is first consult us, as age is important. Once decided on when you want puppies a photo of the lady in question, with her pedigree name or number and your contact details can go on the site.teacup yorkies for sale evansville inDogs in need of a home are currently found under Dogs on this site. pomsky puppies for sale ilIf you wish to re-home your pet because of changes in circumstances a photo, his/her pedigree, whether or not spayed or castrated and contact details can go on the site. lhasa apso breeders on vancouver island
The aim is to find a good, responsible home for every Aylestone.The last newsletter was that for Easter. The next will appear in June. The newsletter goes out by email to owners of registered Aylestones or dogs on the HAL register. The newsletter is full of information, pictures, stories and advice and accepts articles, pictures or stories from members. Selected newsletters can be downloaded and read from the site. After intense deliberation we have decided to upload the following information onto our website. This article will be challenging, unwelcome and controversial to large numbers of the pet owning public. Sadly, significant numbers of the pet breeding fraternity will already be aware of it. As will increasing numbers of pet owners. Following their cynical forbearance during the preceding foot and mouth outbreak, in 2006 New Labour rewarded the R.S.P.C.A. WITH GREATLY INCREASED LEGAL POWERS concerning animal welfare. The R.S.P.C.A. gave a solemn undertaking to use these new powers with discretion and good sense.
However, since their tremendous financial losses incurred by their war with the Country Alliance they have ignored this promise and are using their new powers to pursue animal keepers through the courts in order to exact stupefying costs and gain publicity as crusading guardians of animal welfare. They specialise in targeting people they perceive as having money. House owners with equity. People with pension pots. Especially targeted are the following:1. Ageing pensioners with waning vigour. 2. Cat and dog breeders. 3. Little old ladies with lots of cats. 4. Horse owners and breeders. 5. Social isolates with little support. 6. Independent rescue kennels and catteries, particularly those receiving any public donations. 7. Physically challenged people.They are casting their nets wider. The horse racing industry is terrified of them.Regrettably, Aylestone Bulldogs have become one of their latest victims and shortly face prosecution. As it is exceedingly difficult to obtain a positive result against the R.S.P.C.A. with its battery of first class, expensive barristers, solicitors, tame vets, and not least, the sympathy of the courts and general public, we expect the worst.
Up and down the country extraordinary numbers of people are in the same predicament. The R.S.P.C.A. don't care what heartache they cause or what lifestyles they wreck. They are ruthless in their pursuit of money and power. They are no longer the beloved animal welfare organization of old. Rather, they now destroy more than half of animals seized or which otherwise come into their care, whilst importing saleable dogs from the continent and Ireland for their profitable so-called rescue kennels. At the same time they complain that there are too many dogs in the country. The internet is awash with stories of their depredations and the misery this entails. People fighting against them are singled out for repercussions. Yet, these facts remain unknown to the wider public and to the courts. As indeed, they did to us until we got dragged into the net and perforce investigated the situation.A big problem for R.S.P.C.A. victims is that they are alone, isolated, ashamed and unaware of how to fight back.
Fortunately that need not be the case. There are non-judgemental organizations and groups out there able to give practical help and support. Their telephone number is 07449989411. SHG can direct victims to experienced solicitors and vets in their locality who specialize in fighting R.S.P.C.A. cases. These expert professionals win a significant number of cases. Please remember, without them you will assuredly lose and end up paying horrendous financial costs. After all, that is what the whole sorry business is about. They also give invaluable advice on how to proceed if pestered by the R.S.P.C.A. PRIOR TO ANY POSSIBLE COURT PROCEEDINGS. This is most important and can prevent a lot of misery to owners and death of beloved animals. (The R.S.P.C.A. generally kill a number of seized animals to destroy your credibility in court; it is essential for your vet to prevent this.)Basically, the early advice is not to cooperate with the R.S.P.C.A. Don't let them in, if they come back with the police, send them away until they obtain a search warrant.
It will not harm your position. When they first come photograph your animals and immediately get them vet checked and get in touch with S.H.G. They have been supporting people for decades and know what they are doing.Sadly, you also have to be careful with your vet. Check him or her out. Many of them donate money to the R.S.P.C.A. in exchange for R.S.P.C.A. business. Such vets will not speak for you and might well harm your position. Also ask your vet for copies of all consultation notes and your vet records - you are entitled to have these so do not be shy of asking.Until the R.S.P.C.A.'s activities get out into the wider public domain, as they have a stranglehold on the media and the political arena, they will continue to become ever more powerful and repressive. Meanwhile, we at Aylestone Bulldogs will offer what support we can. Together, we can fight backWe are very sorry to announce that Geronimo, son of Bullseye, has died. He was 12 years old and had been doing well until just lately.
He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord. Also lost to us is Stella (Bam Bam Aylestone's Beauty), belonging to Mandy Connor and The Duke of Marlborough. They hunt in the fields of Elysium and their lines go onward.Just an update for everyone! We have had a sabbatical whilst waiting for young breeding stock to mature. While waiting Jim wrote his autobiography of his life in the Shetland Islands (where the first Aylestones were born), The Ratscape Chronicles - The Autobiographical Ramblings of an Outcast, and put it on Amazon where it can be bought in full colour or black and white. Jenny published three books of poetry: Missives From Periclean Athens (poems about Greek and Roman myths), Earthbound (about modern life) and Flags of Renunciation (poems about Indian legends) on Amazon as well, and began to compile animal poems and stories for publication. Some of these animal stories and poems have appeared in the Newsletter, but there are many others, funny, sad, inspirational, ghostly.
As soon as the compilation is complete and illustrated it too will go on Amazon and be available to buy.While all this was happening the website went south. It has taken months to build a new one - but here it isMeanwhile our other project was maturing. A new line of Aylestone Bulldogs, which would be black or blue, or black/blue flowered, with a blue tongue. Black Aylestones are rare, but there are a few and they have been spectacular. Now there is a third generation of Aylestones which breed black or flowered with blue tongues. They are called Rockhills to differentiate them from their more colourful cousins and puppies are now available.We hope Aylestones will go from strength to strength in 2014 but just to remind everyone: if it does not have an Aylestone Bulldog pedigree it is NOT an Aylestone. Aylestones are registered at the home kennel, by Jenny Byrne, the Secretary. No other pedigrees are valid and it is not an Aylestone without a valid pedigree.We continue to keep the Old Tyme Register of half-Aylestones, giving these dogs provenance, and have a data base of Old Tyme/Aylestone pedigrees for checking authenticity and accuracy.