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Great Dane Dog Temperament The Great Dane is gentle, loving, easygoing and sensitive. She is generally good with children (although her friendly overtures may overwhelm a small child) and usually friendly toward other dogs and pets. She is powerful but sensitive and responsive to training. She makes a pleasant, well-mannered family companion.The Great Dane needs daily moderate exercise. Her needs can be met with a good walk or romp. Despite her sturdy appearance, she is not suited to living outdoors and is best suited to dividing her time between indoors and out. Inside, she needs soft bedding and sufficient room to stretch out when sleeping. Some tend to drool. Coat care is minimal.Great Dane Dog Health Major concerns: gastric torsion, CHD, cardiomyopathyMinor concerns: CVI (wobbler's syndrome), cataract, elbow dysplasia, osteosarcoma, OCD, HOD Occasionally seen: glaucoma, vWDSuggested tests: cardiac, elbow, hip, eye, bloodLife span: 6-8 yearsDubbed the "Apollo of Dogs," the Great Dane is probably the product of two other magnificent breeds, the old English mastiff and the Irish wolfhound.
Her ancestors were used as war dogs and hunting dogs; thus, her ability as a fearless big-game hunter seemed only natural. By the 14th century, these dogs were proving themselves as able hunters in Germany, combining speed, stamina, strength and courage in order to bring down the tough wild boar. The noble dogs became popular with the landed gentry not only because of their hunting ability but also because of their imposing yet graceful appearance. They made gracious additions to any estate. British people familiar with the breed first referred to Great Danes as German boarhounds. Exactly when and why the breed was later dubbed the Great Dane is a mystery because, although undeniably great, she is not Danish. She is a German breed, and in 1880 German authorities declared that the dog should only be referred to as the Deutsche dogge, the name by which she still goes in Germany. The English paid no heed, and the old name stuck for the English-speaking world. By the late 1800s, the Great Dane had come to America.
She quickly attracted attention, as she does to this very day. The breed has since achieved great popularity in spite of some of the difficulties that owning a giant dog entails.shiba inu puppies reno nvMail: 1136 E. Kingsbury St. PMB 128, Seguin, Texas 78155siberian husky for sale midland txPlease note: we are no longer adopting dogs outside of Texas. miniature dachshund for sale geelongThank you for your understanding.There are approximately 45 cats and dogs for every person born. Only 1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home. Only 1 out of 12 cats born ever find a home. Approximately 800 dogs & cats are KILLED each HOUR in the United States, because there are not enough homes for them!
Please SPAY and NEUTER! If looking for a pet, please rescue instead of buying from a breeder or a pet store.Enforce puppy mill law - sign the petition here.Tell the whole story about pit bulls - sign the petition here.Before contacting us to surrender a dog, please read this article.One of the most difficult things about running a no-kill animal shelter is turning animals away when we are full, which is usually the case these days. One thing we like to do is recommend other animal rescue groups in town who may have a space available and may be able to help.Also on this page are links to other pet-related services and resources.AKC Great Danes from European and American Lines. We breed according to the GDCA color code and...$1000 10 week old male bullies ready for a new home [mtzbullies] (1,180) Goochland, Outclass, Powerstone + devilsden. Mom pictured with fawn pup, dad is stacked up San Antonio, Texas » American Bully » 1 hour agoWith Vet Exams and Pedigrees! (3,024) Our Bugg puppies come ACHC registered with 3 generation pedigrees.
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