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I Specialize in Rare and Exotic Colored Chinese Shar-pei including brindle, flowered and pointed...Rescue a Chinese Shar-PeiChinese Shar-Pei Puppies for Sale"These are the puppies of my pair of Shar-Pei, Jaena and Arthas, at 3 weeks old! I call these "The Three Towels" because of their appearance. These dogs are living here in the Philippines. Shar-Pei are growing popular here." Shar-Pei puppies at 3 weeks old living in the PhilippinesShar-Pei puppies at 3 weeks old living in the Philippines______________________________ Aleksandra Kalashnikov the flowered Chinese Shar-Pei at 4 months old living in the PhilippinesAleksandra Kalashnikov the flowered Chinese Shar-Pei at 4 months old living in the PhilippinesAleksandra Kalashnikov the flowered Chinese Shar-Pei at 6 months oldSummer the 9-week-old brush-coat with a blue tongue Shar-Pei puppy______________________________ Calli the three-year-old brush-coat Shar-Pei—her owner says, "She is the sweetest dog in the world and is a goofy clown, especially around her family.
She is a bit of a chunker at 46 pounds and has a beautiful reddish coat. Calli has been blessed with good health and I cannot imagine life without her."pomsky puppies average priceCalli the three-year-old brush-coat Shar-Peifawn kelpie pups for sale nsw______________________________ China, a Shar-Pei at about 3 to 4 months old resides in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.kombai dog for sale in chennaiChina at about 3 to 4 months oldSuki the Shar-Pei puppy at 5 months old—"Suki at 5 months old and tipping the scales at 50 pounds!!! Her latest pastimes include: eating everything that isn't smothered in apple-bitters, snoring louder than the TV, and stinking up the room (well at least daddy says it’s the dog and not him).
She loves to play fetch, chase her tail, and play "keep away" with my slippers in the morning because she knows it drives me crazy."We just love her to pieces. How could we not? Just look at the angel face…ha! (in this photo she is doing the hind-leg bounce while whimpering in doggie language "please pick me up, I am just a baby still""______________________________ Maxi the Shar-Pei puppyChinese Shar-Pei puppies—"We have had Shar-Pei as a hobby for 24 yrs. They are part of our family. The platinum/white puppy is Lilly and the black flowered is Rusty. They are great babysitters and are looking out for the new litter we have now. They were born and raised at our home, here in Texas. They will remain with us throughout their life. They are what make our days happy and joyful. They are great puppies and very joyful." Photo courtesy of Hrabal Dogs of Texas, APRI-registered Chinese Shar-Pei puppies"Ursus, my 3-year-old Shar Pei—we live in Iceland, where there is a lot of space for dogs to run wild and exercise
" Ursus the Shar-Pei at 3 years old________________________ Rupert the Chinese Shar-Pei puppy at 5 weeks oldRupert the Chinese Shar-Pei puppy at 3 months old2-year-old Shar-Pei Bero nuo Babrungo (Boomer), Kaunas (Lithuania)Chester the Shar-Pei and AnneChernyi Chizh Ninka Kak Kartinka, National Russian Club Champion 2005, Photo courtesy of Chernyi Chizh Shar PeiShar-Pei puppies photo courtesy of Chernyi Chizh Shar PeiChernyi Chizh Gargantua photo courtesy of Chernyi Chizh Shar PeiFour-month-old Chuey is a flowered Shar-Pei who lives in Madison, WI. (AKC standard for Shar-Pei lists the flowered, spotted or parti colored Shar-Pei coat as a disqualifying fault in the show ring.)MACSPRO is in need of a foster for a sweet baby girl Sharpei/mix a couple found on Friday, June 19th near Aspen Hill, Maryland.The couple have temporarily named her "Godiva." Godiva was found running along Connecticut Avenue near Aspen Hill on Friday afternoon. She has been with the couple since.
Godiva is very, very sweet. The vet at Laytonsville estimated her age to be between 1-2 years. She was found with no collar and no microchip.Godiva knows how to sit, she does perfectly on a leash, she is clearly house trained. The couple would like to keep her but are unable to due to space and ability--they have another dog and are renting. In addition, they will be out of town after next week and will be unable to keep Godiva with them.The couple would like to avoid handing Godiva over to the shelter if possible. They have filed a found dog report with the County as well as posted on Craigslist and Facebook. They have also hung signs near where Godiva was found. Hopefully they will have some luck because Godiva is definitely part of someone's family based on her personality and behavior.We are looking for a foster family for Godiva until her family can be located. Please contact us if you can helpMy name is Bear. I’ve had quite the journey during my short life of 3 years.
When I was a puppy my name was Cora. Life was pretty rough being in a shelter with no forever family to call mine. I thankfully was rescued and placed in a new home where I was loved and given my new name, Bear! Unfortunately, bad luck struck again and my owners became ill and could not care for me any longer. So back to the rescue I went. I became sad and withdrawn and felt helpless. I didn’t understand why no one wanted to be my forever family.A couple weeks later I traveled a long distance to live with someone else. I was scared, but it was better than living in a kennel. I was nervous and unsure, but after a few days I started to feel comfortable and started to trust my foster mom.I have to say, I really love my foster home and mom. She gives me so much love and attention and I’m feeling more like my true self every day. I love belly rubs, treats, and strolls around the neighborhood. I am fond of my roommates, even if they are of the feline persuasion.My foster mom was even kind enough to get me a dog walker so I can have those strolls I like so much while she is at work.
How awesome is that! I do have some fears that I am working to overcome. I am fearful of most men. I can’t remember why, but they bring back unsafe feelings. I also am not a fan of other dogs. I know, I know. I could have more friends if I liked them, but I just have this huge trust issue when it comes to my K-9 companions. This is embarrassing, but I tend to lunge and bark when I see them. A good offense is a good defense, right? Ok, I know, maybe not in this situation. I’ve had so many bad experiences that it’s hard to change the reaction. But don’t worry, I am working on it. Both my foster mom and pet sitter are helping me to get used to seeing other dogs and to calm down in those situations. It will take some time, but they seem to have faith in me. They think I have a heart of gold.I am a true love bug with my trusted friends. I give kisses and hugs and wag my tail proudly. I adore belly rubs. They are the best! If you are looking for a loving, loyal, sweet friend to add to your family I could be your gal.