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- Restrict search to Please Note - If the state is not displayed in the dropdown list above,then we have no breeders in our database for that particular state.See Full breeder listing for this breed.BULLMILASHKA Contact : Mila McLane Location : Gympie QLD Ph : 0422861521 Email : Send Email We are glad to announce safe arrival of our gorgeous babies sired by our BIG boy GRANDVALEURS ODEN RISING SON (profile on Dogzonline)Both of the parents have the bloodlines to die for which are including the most famous and influential dogs in a Dogues world. We've got girls 2 girls and 2 boys available from this litterPuppies will be raised on Premium diet. They will be wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and Vet checked before they go to they new forever homes. All be registered with CCCQ and have 4 generations Pedigree papers on them. All enquiries welcome .auGorgeous Dogue De Bordeaux male,He was the pick off the litter,we were going to keep him but circumstances have changed.he has a great build and awesome markings.
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Description We've got top quality puppies available from our recent litter - 2 girls and 2 boys. Pups are ready to go now..Both of the parents came from a great bloodlines which include many legendary Dogues.All our pups are raised on a Premium diet. All will have Pedigree papers on them, vaccinated, microchipped and fully Vet checked before going to they new homes.Prices starting from $1700 for girls only. .auFemale pups and they dad on pix.Temperament: Affectionate, Loyal, Calm, balancedCharacteristics: Dogue de Bordeaux is gifted for guarding, which he assumes with vigilance & great courage, but without aggressiveness. A good companion, very attached to his master and very affectionate. Calm, balanced with a high stimulus threshold. The male normally has a dominant character.Recommended for: Dedicate handlers & Families.Lifespan: 8 - 10 yrsColour: Self-coloured, in all shades of fawn, from mahogany to Isabella [lightish fawn]. A good pigmentation is desirable. Limited white patches are permissible on the chest and the extremities of the limbs.
Mask: 1. Black mask: The mask is often only slightly spread out and must not invade the cranial [skull] region. There may be slight black shading on the skull, ears, neck and top of body. teacup yorkies for sale in missoula mtThe nose is then black. puppies for sale narrogin2. Brown mask: (Used to be called red or bistre [darkened or swarthy]). teacup yorkies for sale lawton oklahomaThe nose is then brown; great dane puppies uniontown pa
the eyerims are also brown. 3. No mask: The coat is fawn; the skin appears red (also formerly called "red mask"). great dane puppies nelspruitThe nose is then reddish or pink.General Appearance: Large sized strong body. Wrinkled oval shaped head with hazel to dark brown eyes. Ears semi erect, tips fall down forward. Tail is long, skin is loose fitting.The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the most ancient French breeds. They were used for hunting large animals such as boar, for the guarding of houses and cattle and in the service of butchers. The breed, which had suffered greatly during the two world wars, to the point of being threatened with extinction, got off to a fresh start in the 60's.The Dogue de Bordeaux is a very powerful dog, with a very muscular, stocky, athletic body. They are gifted for guarding, which he assumes with vigilance and great courage but without aggressiveness.
They make a loyal companion and are very affectionate. They bond closely with their family. They are not suited to homes where they will be left alone for long periods of time, as they associate this separation as a punishment. They will protect their family and territory if threatened. They are very good with children and will will accept other household pets if introduced to them when young.Grooming- the coat is easy to take care of. A rubber grooming mitt over the short coat once a week, to remove any loose or dead hair is all that is needed. The skin folds on the face should be cleaned regularly to stop any skin infections from starting.Exercise- They do not require as much exercise as may be expected. Several walks throughout the day should be sufficient, allowing short periods for free running and playing. It has to be remembered that even when this dog is 6 months old, and is relatively large, it is still a puppy. Too much exercise too young can lead to bone and joint related health problems in later life.