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i create this page specially Gaddi & Tibetan Mastiff dog breed. both breed are photo copy of Lion &...Rescue a Himalayan Chamba Gaddi DogHimalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog Puppies for SaleHimalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog"This particular dog in the picture is a fine specimen of a breed developed by Gaddi (Hindu) tribesmen of Chamba region, Himachal Pardesh, India." Photo courtesy of Gurinder Partap Singh BasraThe Himalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog breed was developed for guarding encampments and livestock from predators. It was developed from Tibetan Mastiff stock. "Gaddi dog" is a generic term used for the majority of the big dogs found in the Himalayas, although there is no one particular kind of Gaddi dog as they vary from place to place and are bred for various purposes. The distinguishing characteristic of Chamba Gaddi dogs is their long pointed muzzle without any Molloser semblance. They also have a wide forehead, pendulum ears and a maned neck similar to that of a purebred Tibetan Mastiff.
These dogs are big and have a deep bark similar to a Tibetan Mastiff. The tail is not as curly and heavily feathered as a Tibetan Mastiff. This breed, like many indigenous breeds, is at the verge of extinction due to dilution in the gene pool and lack of dedicated breeders and breeding programs.Gaddi Kutta is a mastiff-type mountain dog found in northern India, especially states in the western Himalayas region (Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Kashmir). They are also called the Indian Panther Hound, as well as Mahidant Mastiff, the former pointing to the breed’s skills and the latter to its origins. Though initially bred for hunting purposes, the multi-talented Gaddi Kutta is widely used by local shepherds, mostly Gaddis (from the tribe of the same name) and are reputed to be strong enough to repulse attacks by snow leopards, and to have the intelligence to herd stray sheep and goats back to their pens.The Gaddi is thought to have been developed by the Asur King Mahidant of Meerut by crossing the wild dingo-like hounds (these dingo type dogs are not dholes but are a type of wild mastiff type of pariahs, descended from the massive Hyrcanian dogs), found in the Jamuna Khader region of India, with the Sha-Khyi variety or fighting line of Tibetan Mastiffs for hunting purposes.
Similar to other breeds of the area and belonging to the lighter strain of Central Asian dogs, this ancient Molosser is an agile and powerful breed, used for trailing and confronting panthers and other large game in the past, although these dogs are rarely used by hunters today. Mostly found in India, it also exists in small numbers in neighbouring Pakistan, although not many examples are pure, with most of the lines reportedly having been crossed with the popular Bully Kutta breed and even containing some German Shepherd blood.The Gaddi Kutta is intuitive, calm and gentle with its owner, making an agreeable family pet when socialized properly, but it can be quite aggressive towards other dogs and strange people. Currently, this territorial and reserved breed is mostly employed to control livestock and to protect its master's property, as well as occasionally being pitted against other dogs, even though the Gaddi Kutta is not considered to be a fighting breed.Leaner than most mastiffs, the Gaddi is athletic, deep-chested and muscular, capable of great speeds and prized for its stamina.
When left in its natural state, the tail curls over the dog's back. The ears are usually cropped short, although quite a few unaltered examples exist.bichon frise for sale in klTwo main coat types are observed in the breed, the shorthaired variety and the more common, slightly fuller coat of medium length, somewhat shorter on the body with longer feathering on the chest, legs and tail. bichon frise for sale pensacola flAlthough some dogs have small white markings, the Gaddi Kutta is usually solid coloured, with most dogs seen in lighter pastel shades, like cream, fawn, and yellow, but brindle, brown, and piebald dogs can be found as well.Males are between 22 to 31 inches in height and 40 to 45 kilograms in weight, while females are between 20 to 28 inches in height and 35 to 40 kilograms in weight.
[The size, however, varies greatly and the dogs that are around 25 inches tall are the ones most encountered.Tibetan Mastiff website - contains comparison between the Tibetan Mastiff and Gaddi KuttaThe Gaddi Mastiff (with photos of adult dog and puppies)List of dog breeds in indiaDogs for sale and adoption in Punjab. At OLX you can find Dogs accessories and services in PunjabIndia has a great history of dogs. Dogs were highly regarded in ancient India and in modern history, they have written history since 400 BC onwards. Dogs were admired for their loyalty and well appreciated for their sincerity and dedication.In modern history, many authors had admired them for their vigour and courage.The Invasion of India by Alexander: "His country possesses a noble breed of dogs, used for hunting and said to refrain from barking when the sight their games which is chiefly the Lion.Marco Polo: "Himalayan dogs are like a donkey in size and looks like lion".Ctesias, 400BC: "The Indian dogs are very large and even attack lions
Aristotle's opinion, In BOOK VIII Chapter XXIII: “….. mythologically it is said that Indian dogs have been born from a cross breeding between the dog and the tiger…..” Naturalis Historia by Pliny the elder 77CE: "Animals grow biggest in India, from India comes the dog that are larger than all others.Know these breeds, if you are looking for a native Indian strong and ferocious dog.Himalayan Mastiffs are native Indian dogs from region of Himalaya, known as Himalayan Guard Dog or Indigenous Tibetan Mastiff. Compared with Tibetan mastiffs, Himalayan Mastiffs are bit taller and more athletic. They could be located in Laddakh region of Himalaya, even they look very similar to Tibetan mastiffs but their behaviour is entirely different. Himalayans are calm and lovable dog who loves to please their master and his companion and like to be around his owner and family. But they doesn’t like much the company of other dogs, a full grown male Himalayan Mastiff is capable to take down, 2 wolves alone.
Usually they are very gentle and calm, but if something goes wrong they could be very ferocious, they are dynamic warrior and very courageous, who are known to fight till death. Himalayan mastiffs are the only pure breed Indian mastiff dogs, unfortunately now only few Himalayan mastiffs are left. This breed is identified as endangered. They can’t tolerate and survive warm weather. Height: Males stand up to 30" - 38" at the shoulder. Females stand: 28" - 35" at the shoulder. Weight: Their weight is 60+ kilos! It can go even up to 90 - 100 kilos! Females weigh upwards of 50 kilos! Coat and Colour: It has long, dry, double coat and has colour black, black with yellow tans, red, dark grey or grey black tanned some rare dog has mixed colour but white colour is not common. Temperament: Very loyal, friendly and devoted to his owner and very protective to his family.Indian mastiffs are the largest and strongest mastiff dogs from North India also known as kumaon mastiff , sindh mastiff Pakistani bully and even Indian bully.
IndianMastiffs are very rough and tough dogs and very much suitable for the Indian subcontinent's climate, where temperature varies from ~0 to 45 degrees. In Pakistan they are known as Bulli mastiff or Bulli Kutta, Its name actually comes from the Hindi/Urdu word bohli - meaning heavily wrinkled and "Kutta" means dog.Let me tell you the original name of this breed is BULLI , not even BULLY . actually this name was given by the britishers when they came in Indian b’cos they were not comfortable to pronounce the word BOHLI which was the original name of this breed . Since then, from the past two hundred years this breed is known as BULLI and all the other breeds are either mingled by this breed or not even have any bulli line but still called bulli, Becase it makes the ikon.They were bred to protect their owner from wild animals and help them in hunt. These dogs are very strong, heavy boned, broad headed, Muscular dogs and have very high energy and stamina.They are famous for their agression and fighting instincts but also they are very intelligent, loyal and protective to their owner and family.