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"Joker is a 2 year old Gointer. His mom was an English Pointer and his dad was a Golden Retriever. He is 75 lbs. He has an absolute great temperament, great with kids with no bad habits. He has never snipped at any of our kids no matter what they do. He gets along great with other dogs. Probably would get along with cats also if taught. I say he doesn't have a bad bone in his body. He is intelligent, easy to train and eager to please. He does need a lot of exercise or he will tend to pace in the house. Always has his nose in the air looking for birds. His ball drive is out of this world."Description The American Gointer is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the English Pointer and the Golden Retriever. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know youcan get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. ® Recognized Names American Canine Hybrid Club = American GointerDesigner Dogs Kennel Club = American Gointer
International Designer Canine Registry® = GointerBuck the American Gointer—"His mother is a Golden Retriever and the dad is an English Pointer. He is beautiful and very intelligent. Very loyal, friendly and playful.” Buck the American Gointer"Cada is a 3-month-old American Gointer puppy. Her father is a purebred Golden Retriever and her mother is a purebred English Pointer. patterdale pups for sale wiganShe is very smart and a lot of fun to be around."great dane puppies uniontown paCada the American Gointer puppy at 3 months oldbichon frise for sale in killeen texas
Cada the American Gointer puppy at 3 months oldThe American Gointer is a cross breed of the English Pointer and the Golden Retriever. They can easily be confused for the yellow Labrador. They have light patches above their shoulders and may have white markings between their eyes. Also their footpads and tip of tail may be white. puppies for sale in jorhatThey make a very good family pet as they are very loving and caring to their human pack. puppies for sale prestatynThey are very loving and friendly towards children and other small pets in the family.Find american gointers from local breeders near you or advertise your american gointer puppies for free at DogsNow.San Francisco, CA … pls contact us for more details at 813 == 360== 0413New music, new band, a new chapter.
Gun Dog Forum : Gun dog forums for hunting dog breeders and bird dog owners to discuss hunting and training.50. From bomb shelters to bull markets Springing from the ruins of the Korean War, Seoul has boomed in just 50 years to become the world’s 10th-most economically powerful city and second-largest metropolitan area. No matter how large or small, Seoulites have never met a job they couldn’t finish ahead of schedule.Be grateful you're not doing the dishes.49. More side dishes than main dishes A typical Korean meal comes with seven or eight separate side dishes. There’s more color on a Korean table than at Lotte World on Children’s Day.48. World’s most wired city Welcome to the next generation IT mega-city. In Seoul, you can’t avoid wireless access even if you want to -- a staggering 95 percent of Korean households have broadband connection.47. Best airport in the world For five years running, Incheon International Airport, which services Seoul and other nearby Korean cities, has been ranked the best airport in the world by Airports Council International.
The sprawling, über-efficient facility is equipped with a golf course, skating rink, Museum of Korean Culture, casino, high-end spa and restaurants serving just about any kind of pre-flight meal you’d want.Beef broth, red pepper, scallions, congealed cow blood. 46. Hangover stew Drinking and partying is such a staple of Korean culture that an entire cuisine has sprung up around curing the hangover. If a steaming bowl of haejangguk (spicy beef broth with congealed cow blood and bean sprouts) doesn’t put you right, you’re probably getting wheeled to the morgue. Get the authentic taste at ultra-casual Chungjinok restaurant.Chungjinok, 24 Jongno-gu Jongno-1-ga (종로구 종로1가 24); +82 2 735 169045. Sleeping is for losers Cafés, PC bangs, restaurants, spas, shopping centers and fast food chains are open any hour of any night. The streets of Gangnam, Hongdae or Dongdaemun offer countless anytime venues for drinking, eating and all kinds of play.44. Booking Financiers and consultants fly to Seoul from all over Asia on weekends for the booking experience at Seoul nightclubs.
A unique form of speed dating in which waiters escort girls into rooms rented by groups of guys, booking can be both awkward, ego crushing and ruthlessly efficient. If the girl doesn’t like what she sees, she leaves with minimal singing, drinking or fake-number-exchanging involved.But how much for the Galaxy?43. Beautiful women Who cares if a lot of them are plastic? 42. Beautiful men Who cares if they wear BB cream? 41. Most committed celeb stalkers Real-time updates in the world’s most connected city are every Korean celebrity’s nightmare. Check the personal blogs of crazy sa-seng (stalker fans) and decode the mono-character posts for hourly updates on your favorite hallyu star. If you want to join the fans on a star search, the posh Apgujeong hair salons and Sinsa karoakes are solid bets for a sighting and acceptable public freak out.9. Museum for the morbid It’s not Seoul’s most cheerful outing, but history buffs and Park Chan-wook fans can tour Seodaemun Prison.
Once used to incarcerate independence fighters who rose against Japanese rule, the prison is now a museum with ghastly exhibits, such as a chilling execution room. Seodaemun Prison, 247 Uljuro, Seodaemun-gu (서대문구 을지로 247); +82 2 360 8590Korean women devour pork fat in the name of health and beauty.8. 'Well-being' mania Seoulites never tire of telling you how healthy life can be. They’ll eat anything in the name of longevity, leading to a city-wide obsession with organic foods and other long-life tonics. So, does all this fuss work? , South Koreans rank 27th in the world in life expectancy at 78.7 years (Andorra, Japan and Singapore are the top three). No matter, we’ll work our butts off to break into the top 10 -- or die trying.7. Golf in any weather Mark Twain once said that golf was a good walk spoiled, but Seoulites don’t let walking get in the way of a game of golf. At screen golf venues around the city, serious players don golf shoes, rent clubs and whack their hearts out at huge canvas screens.
Cameras record you as you swing, so that you can watch the replay and correct your embarrassment accordingly. Design Screen Golf, 150 Yeomni-dong, Mapo-gu (마포구 염리동 150); +82 2 704 0753E Ji-ah delivered a shot to every Taiji fan's heart.6. Wildest celebrity scandal E Ji-ah was already one of the most mysterious actresses in Korea -- a remarkable feat considering the exhaustive Internet search skills of most Korean netizens. Then in April, news broke that for nine years she’d been married to Seo Taiji, Korea’s biggest singer and “Cultural President.” And divorced for fiveAdd the fact that she was dating Korea’s hottest male movie star Jung Woo Sung when the news hit and you get a national pandemonium. Thankfully, we’ve recovered and are completely prepared for our next collective meltdown.5. Bright happy jjimjilbangs of fun Korean saunas (jjimjilbangs) draw on an age-old tradition of thermotherapy to help you sweat out stress. The best jjimjilbangs -- like famed Dragon Hill Spa -- feature multi-stories of whirlpool baths, mineral rooms, massage parlors, nail salons, TV rooms, manga cafés and restaurants where you can relax before and after soaking, scrubbing and steaming your way to rejuvenation.
Dragon Hill Spa, 40-713 3-ga Hangang-ro, Yongsan-gu (용산구 한강로 3가40-713); tel. +82 2 792 0001More on CNNGo: 3 best Seoul saunasMoonlight Rainbow Fountain pumps out 190 tons of water per minute.4. World’s most spectacular bridge-fountain Banpo Bridge and its Moonlight Rainbow Fountain made it into the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest bridge fountain at 1,140 meters. It’s also the most photogenic, shooting out dancing rivulets of water via 10,000 dazzling LED nozzles. To see it at its most stunning, check the schedule and view it from 88 Highway or the Gangbyeon Highway after dark.3. World’s smartest, and cheapest, personal assistants Haejuseyo chore services will pick up your dry-cleaning and deliver food -- and perform more difficult, personalized chores -- at the low starting fee of ₩7,000. Maybe that’s why New York’s "The Daily Beast" recently called Korea the laziest country in Asia. They got it wrong, of course. If we weren’t so busy all the time, we wouldn’t need all the extra help.