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Pictures taken from Google. Credit goes to the various people who uploaded them. Whenever we speak of dogs, we tend to focus on the European breeds. This is due to their popularity and demand. Unknown to many, India has about 88 native dog breeds. Six of these breeds are from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Most of these dogs from Tamil Nadu evolved naturally. That makes them more suitable to the hot climate in the south. Furthermore, these dogs require less medical attention as their immune system is stronger, making them less prone to disease which are common among the European breeds. In Tamil Nadu, we can find breeds like the famous Rajapalayam, Kombai, Alangu Mastiff, Chippiparai, Kanni and Malayeri. Both the Alangu Mastiff and Malayeri are now extinct. It was commonly found in the hills of Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. The Alangu Mastiff is a Molosser dog developed in Thanjavur. It is actually a crossbreed between the Sindh Mastiff and the Alangu Hound. The breed became extinct after the fall of their main patrons, the royal family of Thanjavur.
Named after the town of Rajapalayam in the district of Virudhunagar, the Rajapalayam is one of the most popular native breeds in India. It is a sight hound and the most prized colour is pure white with pink nose. The Rajapalayam was used by the Palayakars in their war against Tipu Sultan and later the British. The dogs were trained to attack the cavalry unit and their horses. These dogs are tall and lean.Rajapalayam Rajapalayam Rajapalayam Rajapalayam Rajapalayam Rajapalayam pups Chippiparaipuppies for sale owego nyThe Chippiparai is another sight hound found in the south. puppies for sale gourockThese dogs are believed to be descended from the Saluki. teacup yorkies for sale in weatherford
Chippiparai dogs were bred by the royal families of Madurai and Tirunelveli. The dogs were used as hunting dogs. Even today, the locals use these dogs in their hunting expedition.Chippiparai Chippiparai Chippiparai Chippiparai Chippiparai Chippiparai pup KanniThe Kanni is similar to the Chippiparai. They share the common ancestor. Like the Chippiparai, Kanni is also used in hunting. It's name in Tamil means virgin or unmarried girl. In ancient times, Kanni was one of the dowry (marriage gifts) given by the bride's family. This custom was practiced by the Kambalathu Naicker community.Kanni Kanni Kanni Kanni Kanni Kanni pup Kombai The Kombai is perhaps the most ferocious of the native breeds. Unlike the Chippiparai, Kanni and Rajapalayam which are sight hounds, the Kombai is a bear hound. Kombai's powerful jaws and heavy appearance made it a suitable guard dog. The dogs were also used to hunt bears and protect the livestock from tigers and leopards.
This breed was a favorite choice of the Mukkulathor chieftains. During Sivagangai's war against the British in late 18th century, it is written in records of the British that the forts guarded by these breeds were almost impregnable until every one of the dogs were killed. The fierce Kombais are said to defend their masters till their very end and this is featured in ballads sung by the locals.Kombai Kombai Kombai Kombai Kombai pup These dogs may not look as beautiful as the European breeds, but they are certainly of good quality. The kennel associations in Tamil Nadu need to ensure that there are proper breeding programs to protect the remaining native breeds from becoming extinct.Sharmalan Thevar Wednesday, 31 July, 2013 Hello Rafeeq,Thanks for appreciating my blog. It is saddening to know that such things are happening in India. I am actually based in Malaysia. Not a breeder or a kennel owner. My article above is purely based on the love for dogs. I hope that some day we Malaysians can help to revive these breeds.
I am working on obtaining some contact for you. There is a person called Prabhakaran David Boaz. He is an owner of pure breed Chippiparai kennel in Santoshapuram. Mr.Prabahakaran is the son of the late DR. G.D. Boaz. I do not have the kennel contact details but you can probably call the hospital and obtain the kennel contact details from them.DR. G.D. BOAZ MEMORIAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL(PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL & REHABILITATION CENTRE)2/234 Velachery Main Road, Santhoshapuram, Chennai 600073Contact Person : Mr.Ajit BoazThe other person to contact will be Surendran Babu of Contemplate Kennels.Tamil Nadu, South India.As for Kombai, you may get some help from Akhil Karikkandathil.I wish you all the best.Today it is fashionable to own pedigree pets ranging from Pomeranian to Rottweiler, which accompany people for walks in the morning and evening. This trend, however, had a deadly impact on native breeds, pushing them to the verge of extinction. While it is impossible to get a pure breed of native species, such as Kanni and Kombai , species such as Alangu (from Thanjavur and Tiruchi) and Malaiyeri had already disappeared.
However, a couple of local breeds managed to survive despite all odds and the credit should go to the Animal Husbandry Department’s Dog Breeding Centre at Saidapet. The robust barking of majestic Rajapalayam and sleek Sippiparai dogs can be heard even from a distance, which reverberate through the nondescript centre on the arterial Anna Salai. The Centre was launched in the 1980s.S. Palanisamy, Director, Animal Husbandry Department, said one of the specialities of the centre is that it never allowed dogs —be it a local one or a pedigree — to breed within a family. The breeding programme became a success story and continues till date without any problem. In the beginning a male Rajapalayam puppy was sold at Rs. 350 and the bitch at Rs. 300; a Kombai male puppy at Rs. 200 and the bitch at Rs. 150, he said. Later, in 1997-98, the centre added breeding of pedigree also and sold them to the members of public, again at affordable prices.“Be it a local breed or pedigree, there was always a demand for them among the members of public.
As the centre is not breeding the puppies on a commercial basis, it was not able to meet the growing demand,” he conceded.Though the original programme included the breeding of Kombai, a hound and guard dog, native of Tamil Nadu, the centre suspended the programme in 2008.“A section of dog lovers who bought the Kombai puppies returned them, saying that they were not able to keep the ferocious breed at home. The situation came to such a pass that people were not ready to accept the puppies when the centre offered them for free and so the officials decided to stop breeding the species. A uniqueness of the Kombai breed is that it can even withstand the bite of a cobra, Mr. Palanisamy said.On an average the centre breeds about 40 Rajapalayam puppies a year and nearly a dozen puppies of Sippiparai . The centre, at present, houses totally 11 adult Rajapalayams , of which two were males, and a pair of breeding Sippiparai hounds.Anyone who wishes to buy a puppy from the centre has to register in advance and the waiting period for the local breeds ranges between one-and-half years, to two.