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With the advent of the Razor's Edge line of PitBulls, a number of bloodline strains from Razor's Edge have been born. The most popular of these strains is the Remyline bloodline. Remy Line Kennels goes by the motto: "One Dog One Line". Here is a brief history of Remyline Kennels. Remy line was founded by Fabian Chichester and is based off of his Razor's Edge dog; "Lowjack's Remy Martin" born in April of 2003 and produced at Ruckus Kennels. Fabian bought Remy for $500 and a treadmill at six weeks of age. In 2004 Fabian bred Remy (as he is simply referred to as) to his female pitbull named Bella. Little did Fabian know; that would be the beginning of a new line of Pitbulls that he would later coin as Remyline.As Remy matured, Fabian realized that he had a very special dog. Remy had a look about him like no other dog before him. Blue fawn in color, thick, heavy bone, a magnificent head piece and a profile stare that said; this is one serious dog! Folks in the rapidly growing Pitbull/Bully community fell in love with Remy.
It wasn't long before Fabian was approached with requests to use Remy as a stud for a variety of females.Fabian set a price of $2500 for the stud fee and people began to line up for the chance to have Remy sire a litter in the hopes of creating another Remy. pomsky puppies on craigslistThus Remyline Kennels was born.teacup yorkies for sale in ocalaToday, a half a dozen years later, many kennels are still lining up to have a chance to add Remy line blood to their profile. puppies for sale 60102In a period of just a few short years Remy has become one of the most prolific bred Pitbulls in history with over a thousand registered offspring. siberian husky for sale in broward
Those who are fortunate enough to have Remy in their pedigree proudly identify with the Remyline name.What is interesting to note, is the way that Fabian went about building Remyline. Unlike Dave Wilson who used a number of different PitBulls in which to develop the Razor's Edge line; doberman pinscher for sale in uaeFabian used just one dog to create Remy line. blue staffy pups for sale swanseaOf course, dozens have tried to imitate Fabian success, reasoning that if he could do it with Remyline they could accomplish the same thing with their dog "Spot". What they failed to realize is; to create another Remy line you need two elements; the right dog and marketing know-how. Many have found the path to fame and fortune to be much tougher than they realized.
no line of PitBull of the Razor's Edge or Gotti strain has even come close to gaining the recognition that Remyline has achieved.You need to upgrade your Flash Player or to allow javascript to enable Website menu. Get Flash Player REMY LINE Those who embrace the Remy line name and have adopted the "One Dog One Line" philosophy, enjoy being identified as "Remyliners". A number of times every year, Remyline Kennels sponsors Remy line shows where anyone with a Remyline Pitbull is invited to bring their Remy line Pit to show off and compete for prizes, trophies and to simply have a good time. Of course, the conversation tends to center on who has the top Remyline dog, of which no one seems to agree. One thing for sure, if you have a chance to attend a Remy line show, you will see plenty of awesome Remyline Pitbulls. When you consider that the Remy line blood now runs a half dozen generations deep, there are literally thousands upon thousands of Remyline Pitbulls with Remy Martin in their pedigree.
REMY MARTIN You might ask; what differs a Remy line Pitbull from other Razor's Edge Pitbulls? Because Remyline is based on Remy Martin and not 20 different dogs, and because Remy tends to throw his look, many are able to identify a Remyline pitbull at a glance. Remy line Pitbulls tend to have that famous Remy Martin headpiece. Once you know what to look for, you can spot a Remyline PitBull every time. By the way, that handsome looking blue fawn Pitbull above is the man himself: Remy Martin.REMYLINE KENNELS Mr PitBull is proud to be associated with the top Remyline Kennels and to have a number of Remy line Pitbulls. In fact I believe I have some of the top Remyline Pits in the world. And so what would make one Remyline Kennels better than the next? The answer is in the breeding. Just as every artist uses the same tools; some paint, a brush, a canvas, a palette board and an easel; but yet some are able to create a masterpiece while yet others look like they are painting with a rolling pin.
Likewise, a good breeder studies not only his bloodlines but understands the relationships between blood strains, generations, and physical bearing. Sadly, not every breeding or dog bred to Remy was of breed worthy caliber. Fabian has often admitted that he has bred Remy to many dogs that were not of his caliber.In fact, Fabian did not turn anyone away from breeding to Remy as long as they were willing to pay the stud fee. Therefore, you will find that not all Remyline Kennels are created equal. Too, many backyard breeders, do not understand the dangers of generational breeding and foolish attempt to inbreed and line-breed without the knowledge to avoid the pitfalls, in the effort to "double up on" or "lock in" a certain desirable characteristic. When you hear someone saying that their breeding is 5 times Remyline or 10 times Remy line, let that be your clue. A professional breeder has studied his craft and knows how to "lock in" characteristic without destroying the dog by inbreeding.
If you want to see some awesome looking Remyline PitBulls; CLICK HERE, this will take you to Mr Pitbull photo album. You will want to take a look at Bartender, Blue Remy, Samoa, Venus and Pearl. I have a whole host of Remy line Pits that I will be adding to my "Produced" page as well. If you would like to own a Remyline Pitbull, you will want to make sure your Remy line dog carries the MrPitBull nameClick on dogs for larger picturesRed Nose Pitbulls not pictured............................... ............................... ............................... .............................. Train Your PitBull Just Like The Pros In Only 15 Minutes! This Is The One I Use! Click Here / Read ReviewsI Own This Video I Cannot Speak More Highly Of A Product! Stop Aggression issues in its tracks! I own this video. I can't imagine paying hundreds or even thousands on a puppy and not spending $40 to have the best behaved puppy in the worldYour dog wakes up every morning wanting to be loved Learn how!