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Designer Dogs Kennel Club = Pugshire TerrierInternational Designer Canine Registry® = PugshireDesigner Breed Registry = Pugshire Terrier"Here is my Pug / Yorkshire Terrier (Pugshire) at 4 years old. Bruno passed recently but he was an amazing dog. yorkshire terrier for sale in pontypoolHe was low maintenance and only shed a small amount. havanese puppies sale dfwHe would get about 3-6 walks a week. pomsky puppies for sale azHe liked to dig in the trash cans so we had to keep them up! puppies for sale fishguard
He was a great cuddler, played with other dogs well, he stuck around the house when he was let outside, loved children, other dogs and all people. I feel that Bruno was an outstanding dog and very well balanced. He could go from sleeping/lounging to up and playing/running around. pups for sale mudgeeHe loved the snow, and water on hot days. toadline puppies for saleHe was truly an amazing dog with a one-of-a-kind personality and will be greatly missed."______________________________________ "This is Cash, my Pugshire puppy at 3 months old. He is a really smart, playful dog. The trick I think to these dogs is routine, consistency and time spent. He loves to play and go for walks. He is also very loyal; on a trip to the bush for a week at 4 months old he never took off for longer than 20 minutes or so, and always came back to see where we were.
I do watch the Dog Whisperer and everything I have watched works, kennel training, potty training, eating habits, and dominance. He responds best to positive reinforcement; treats are not always needed—he just wants you to be happy with him. Everything I have tried from Cesar works in about a week of consistency and training. He was pretty much 90% housetrained by 3 months old and can do lots of tricks, walks well on a leash and listens to commands. I found with this playful, intelligent dog it is very important to get your dominancy asserted right away, ’cause he likes to challenge things, he needs to know who's boss. They're very cute like a baby, but remember they think like dogs." "This is Cash, my Pugshire puppy at 11 weeks old." Petunia the Pugshire at 7 months old______________________________________ Hitch the Pug / Yorkshire terrier hybrid (Pugshire)—his owner says,"We call him Yug, but you all call them Pugshires. He is our dog and he is 10 months and just a pure angel!
But he does have the Yorkie personality which wants to investigate everything! Hitch the Pug / Yorkshire terrier hybrid (Pugshire) at 10 months old______________________________________ Bandit the Pugshire puppy at 5 ½ months old—"His mom is a larger Yorkie and his dad was a Pug. He has grown to the size of a Pug with the looks of the Yorkie (and the temperament of a Yorkie!). The other pups from the litter look completely different. They look more like a Pug but the size of a Yorkie."______________________________________ Poki the Pugshire at 2 years old—"Her mother was a Yorkshire Terrier and her father a fawn-coloured Pug. She is the smartest, sweetest and most energetic dog I know and we love her to death."Find Pugs for Sale in New York on Oodle Marketplace. About Our Rescue Group: We are all all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of pugs in Arizona. We strive to educate the public about the pug dog breed, it's characteristics and special needs, the importance of healthy weight, proper nutrition, the benefits and importance of spay/neuter, and pug dental care.
Find Pugs for Sale in Phoenix on Oodle Marketplace. The Pugshire is a small-sized dog prized nowadays for its companionship and its suitability for indoor living. Descended from two breeds with distinct physical features, the Pugshire can take after just one parent, or possess a mix of both breed characteristics. The Pug is easily recognizable, with its flat face and shortened muzzle, its bulging eyes, and the wrinkled skin on its face. The body is compact but ideally well-balanced and sturdy. This makes the Pug a great playmate for children, who might overcome other, more daintily built dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest terrier breeds. Originally from England and bred for clearing barns and households of vermin, the Yorkie has come to be more known for its fine, shiny, silky coat that can be grown long, and usually comes in blue and tan. Pugs commonly come in black or fawn, and sometimes grey, or even white. Yorkies are typically born black and tan, which slowly turns to blue and tan as the dog matures.
Yorkies do not come in black. The Pugshire will most commonly come in black, or blue and tan. The Pugshire is an active indoor animal that thrives to get its owner's attention as much as possible. It will tag along, even when just going from room to room, and will stay in a spot where human traffic is high. Children will get joy out of this breed, as it is playful and energetic. Younger children, however, must be supervised, as they could hurt this small dog. The Pugshire could be a bit jealous of attention given to others, though, and could be disagreeable towards other animals. If properly socialized, though, it can live peaceably enough with other pets. Alert and attentive, its occasional yappiness could serve as an alarm if there are strangers around. Brushing of the coat and regular checks of the teeth are important for the Pugshire. Daily brushing can take care of shed hair and keep the coat looking shiny, while periodontal diseases common in small-jawed breeds can be headed off with regular cleaning.