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Welcome to Southern Missouri Pomskies!The Pomsky is a designer breed resulting from a cross between a female Siberian Husky and a male Pomeranian. They are among the newest and cutest puppies for sale at Petland Overland Park. These friendly, intelligent dogs make wonderful pets for families with children and other animals. Read on for more details about the Pomsky and see if one would be the right fit for your family.Behavior of the PomskyLike the husky and the pomeranian, the Pomsky is playful, outgoing, and alert. They enjoy spending time with humans -- including children -- and do well with other animals, even cats when properly socialized. They are a very affectionate crossbreed, enjoying cuddling with family members after play time. Exercise The extroverted, active Pomsky loves playing outdoors. As an athletic breed, they require daily exercise. They will enjoy a workout at the dog park, a walk around your neighborhood, or time in the backyard.Appearance As a crossbreed, the Pomsky comes in a range of sizes.
Standard Pomskies weigh in at 16 - 20 lbs, mini at 11 - 15 lbs, and toy under 10 lbs. They boast a double coat comprised of a soft, dense undercoat and a soft, medium-length overcoat. The Pomsky coat sheds in the medium-to-low range, requiring regular brushing due to their similarities to the Husky. They do groom themselves like huskies, so regular baths are not necessary.Find Your Pomsky Today! Petland Overland Park offers the widest range of puppies for sale in the Kansas City area. To see if we currently have a Pomsky in our store, Check out our puppies for sale or call (913) 498-9814 today.An updated community about Pomsky puppies for sale!!! Visit our website at...Find puppies in missouri from local breeders near you or advertise your puppies for free at DogsNow.Sun, 06 Apr 2014 Get the gift coupon and get 25% discount for any purchase at the eBay auction in the section "Pet Supplies"Sun, 06 Apr 2014 Responsible, he takes the testosterone to the chores and tells babe there of rex to herd the pomsky puppies for sale missouri.
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That is the amount of the population of dog lovers in Missouri.Kansas City, Missouri is a city that truly loves its dog residents. There are many dog owners in this city as well as an all-encompassing dog and cat program called the KC Pet Project. This organization handles everything to do with getting dogs as well as cats adopted by great homes. Not only that, but they take care of these dogs until they are adopted. It's pretty clear that Kansas City is a dog friendly place. Saint Louis is another Missouri city that truly adores their dogs. They offer outstanding places just to find supplies, training, and grooming for your dogs. While these are the two largest dog loving cities in the state, there are other smaller ones in Missouri that also love dogs. For example, Platte City, Missouri offers lots of pet friendly accommodations for people traveling with their pets. That means the residents there also appreciate the love that dogs can bring into the lives of people.If you haven't added a sweet dog to your Missouri home yet, it is time that you get started browsing through the puppy ads here to find the perfect new canine family member.