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Pets for sale in Negeri SembilanSociety to educate the public on animal care, save and rehome strays, spread awareness on pet care...Privately operated shelter providing the best care and shelter that we can afford to the stray...What are the benefits? Pet ownership offers many benefits for older adults. It can have a positive effect on both mental and physical health. Older adults who own pets feel less lonely, are less depressed, and are less likely to commit suicide. Animals can help you keep your mind off your problems. Pets can comfort you with touch and be a way to start conversations with other people. They can help you deal better with stress, grief, and loss. Pets may also help you feel safer and more secure. Older adults who own pets are more likely to recover from a heart attack. When people are around pets, their blood pressure tends to be lower. Pets can help you stay more active and be able to take better care of yourself. If you have chronic pain, a pet can help you focus on something other than your pain.
What else should I consider? Pets can be costly, especially if you have a fixed income. When you are ready to pick out a pet, consider checking with the local animal shelter. Plan for the costs of shots, vet bills, neutering or spaying, and food. The animal shelter or a pet store should be able to give you an idea of what these costs will be for your pet. Some animal shelters participate in the Pets for the Elderly Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization that pays the fees charged by the shelter for adoption, shots, and spaying or neutering.Do you have any allergies that you need to consider? Many people who are allergic to dogs or cats find that they are not allergic to animals like hamsters or birds. Besides providing love, joy, and comfort, pets can also mean fleas, chewing problems, soiled floors and carpets, and noise. It's best to be prepared for these things.It is also important to think about how much care the pet will need. Think about how active the pet must be to stay healthy.
Will you be able to keep up? Dogs tend to be some of the friendliest and most loving animals, but they need a lot of care and attention. Dog breeds vary widely in their activity needs, so be careful in your choice of dog, in particular. Make sure you have the space you need for the kind and size of pet you choose. If you rent, check your rental policy to see if you are allowed to have pets.Think about what might happen if you have to move for financial, health, or other reasons. Your pet might not be able to move with you. Having to give up a pet can cause a sense of loss and grief.If you want to combine having a pet with a community service goal, and you have the time and fitness to manage it, you might consider sponsoring a service dog in training (like a seeing-eye dog). Pets may help older adults live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives. Most people find that there is some kind of pet that they enjoy and can afford. If you want to give a pet to an older friend or relative, talk it over with them first, and think about what to do if the person stops being able to care for the animal.
It is also a good idea to discuss what might happen to a pet if the person moves to a place that does not allow pets.Adult Advisor 2012.1 published by RelayHealth. This content is reviewed periodically and is subject to change as new health information becomes available. The information is intended to inform and educate and is not a replacement for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional. greden dog puppies for sale© 2012 RelayHealth and/or its affiliates. puppies for adoption in fairbanks alaskaFun-loving and high-spirited, yet easygoing, the Cardigan is a devoted and amusing companion. This is a hardy breed, capable of a day dodging cow kicks, so he is agile and tireless. At home he is well-mannered but inclined to bark.
He tends to be reserved with strangers.Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Care The Cardigan needs a surprising amount of exercise for its size. His needs can best be met with a moderate walk or vigorous play session. He is a very good house dog and best when he is allowed access to both house and yard. His coat needs brushing once a week to remove dead hair.Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Health Major concerns: CHDOccasionally seen: urolithiasis, PRASuggested tests: hip, (eye), (DNA test for PRA)Life span: 10-12 yearsOne of the earliest breeds to come to the British Isles, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi was brought from central Europe to Cardiganshire, South Wales, centuries ago. His derivation is unknown, though he may have been influenced by the extinct English turn-spit dog, a short-legged, low-bodied dog used to turn spits in kitchens. Initially used as a family protector and even a helper in the hunt, he was only later that the Corgi found his true forte. In a time when the land available to tenant farmers was determined by how much acreage their cattle occupied, it was to the farmer's advantage to have scattered, far-ranging stock.
Thus, a dog that would drive, rather than herd, the cattle was an invaluable aid, and the Corgi stepped right into this role, nipping at the cattle's heels and ducking their kicks. In fact the word Corgi is probably derived from cor (to gather) and gi (dog). The original Corgis were supposed to measure a Welsh yard (slightly longer than an English yard) from nose to tail tip, and in parts of Cardiganshire the breed was called the yard-long dog or ci-llathed. When the Crown lands were later divided, sold and fenced, the need for drovers was lost, and the corgi lost hlkis job. Kept by some as a guard and companion, nonetheless, it became a luxury that few could afford, and it became perilously close to extinction. Crosses with other breeds had been tried, but most were not particularly successful. The exception was the cross with the brindle herder present-day Cardigans are the products of this slight herder influence. The first Cardigans were shown around 1925. Until 1934, the Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis were considered one breed, and interbreeding between the two was common.