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Huntington, NY Adorable Champion sired Pomeranian puppies with an amazing sweet personality. The colors are gold and white, chcoc...WE SERVE LONG ISLAND, NY, NYC, NJ, CT & USANY LARGEST SELECTION OF PUPPIES FOR SALE ! ALL PUPPY BREEDS - PRIVATE DOG BREEDERS ! HEALTH PUPPIES - NOT A TYPICAL PET STORE ! BEST PUPPIES & BEST PRICES GUARANTEED ! BOARDING -TRAINING-WALKING - GROOMING"WE GUARANTEE TO HAVE YOUR BREED"FINANCING AVAILABLE - $50 MONTHPuppies For Sale Long Island, Dog Breeders, Pet Stores| NY, NYC, NJ, CT. When it comes to getting your new best friend its very important to make sure you are getting a private bred family raised puppy. Our puppies for sale are not puppies that come from your typical pet stores. Our puppies are not raised on farms instead come from happy loving homes. They are healthy, adorable and are always available to see where they are showcased at our location. We offer pure bred, teacup, large breed, medium breed, mastiff, non-shedding / hypoallergenic, hybrid, mixed and designer dog breeds.
We only work with 5 Star Private Home Bred Family Breeders that insure the proper environment, family care & love for all of our puppies. All of our puppies include 5 years health warranty, registration papers, all shots up to date, microchip, congenital guarantee, and unlimited free boarding for most puppies. When our puppies arrive they are always well cared for, loved, socialized and vet checked. What separates us from everyone else is our puppies are always around special people that give lots of love with a level of experience and care that is second to none. We offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere so you can spend time meeting our puppies in one of our puppy play rooms or if you really want to get to know your new puppy you can take them outside and have lots of fun. We offer supplies, training, grooming and pet boarding that are available 7 days a week. We serve everywhere from the East End of Suffolk Long Island, through Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx NY, NYC, NJ, CT & can deliver anywhere nationwide.
We know how important it is to get to know a puppy before you make such a big decision and our knowledgeable staff are always here to help.greg05/30/2012 We wanted to take the time to thank Greg at Island Puppies for our Wheaten Terrier named Ben . He is now 9 months old and we love him so much. Thank you for giving our family the best dog. We will never forget … moreWe wanted to take the time to thank Greg at Island Puppies for our Wheaten Terrier named Ben . We will never forget you and will continue sending referrals. Ben is the happiest and healthiest dog and everyone loves him. We bring him everywhere and he always bring many smiles. People always ask where we got him and its always our pleasure to tell them all about you guys. Your love of dogs, knowledge, kindness, and patience will never be forgotten. I also wanted to add that its so nice to see and hear people say how they cant believe how healthy the pups are and what a clean kennel you guys have. We are still feeding the same holistic dog food you guys feed your pups and its truly the best.
Another reason why your pups are so healthy. Keep up the great work. We Love you Guys. Ben Says Hello We will be by to visit soon. Love, Lisa, John, Christy, Tim, Jason & BenSee our events calendar here. Adoption Day at Petsmart Lake GroveSaturday June 27th, 2015 11:00 AM until 04:00 PMraggle puppies for saleLocation: NY - Petsmart Lake Groveraggle puppies for saleMap: 3050 Middle Country Road Nesconset NY 11767german shepherd for sale in asheboro ncSee all of the animals attending this event.puppies for sale 18064
Come join us in Lake Grove- shop, rescue a dog and make a friend for life. We have puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats available. Please come by meet our dogs, say hello and learn more about Last Chance Animal Rescue. We are always looking for volunteer and foster homes. puppies for sale cumnockAdoption Day at Petsmart Port JeffersonLocation: NY - Petsmart Port Jefferson Station (631) 474-1347Map: 1110 Rt 112 Port Jeff Station NY 11968Come join us - shop, rescue a dog and make a friend for life. We have puppies and adult dogs available. Please come by meet our dogs, say hello and learn more about Last Chance Animal Rescue . We are always looking for volunteers and foster homes.Join us at the Sachem Public Library​ for a Pet Adoption Fair. The fashion show will take place at 12:00pm in the center of the Inside/Out garden space.Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Most Original;
Most Hilarious, & Best Runway Personality.Rain Date is May 30thAnimal Health Products Animal Shelters Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies-Leasing & Maintenance Beer & Ale Bird Feeders & Houses Birds & Bird Supplies Children's Party Planning & Entertainment Clothing Stores Dog & Cat Furnishings & Supplies Dog & Cat Grooming & Supplies Dog Training Feed Dealers Fence-Sales, Service & Contractors Food Products-Wholesale Kennels Pet Boarding & Kennels Pet Breeders Pet Food Pet Grooming Pet Services Pet Sitting & Exercising Services Pet Specialty Services Pet Stores Pet Supplies & Foods-Wholesale & Manufacturers Pet Training Tropical Fish Veterinarians Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals Veterinary Specialty ServicesThe Australian Shepherd (affectionately called an ‘Aussie’) does not actually originate in Australia. It is believed that some Basque farmers brought ancestors of these dogs with them when they emigrated to Australia, then subsequently to the United States during the 1849 California gold rush.
However, the breed as it is known today was developed in the American Southwest over the next few decades. The Australian dog was crossed with several breeds in an effort to produce an animal able to deal with the harsh temperatures and demands of the American West. Breeding during this period was mainly focused on ability—speed, agility, and endurance--rather than appearance, which delayed the Australian Shepherd’s recognition as a breed. Australian Shepherds became popular pets after they were featured as rodeos performers in the 1950’s, and later in Disney films such as ‘Run Appaloosa Run’. Australian Shepherds were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1993. Size The standard Australian Shepherd has a shoulder height of 43-58 cm (18-23 in) and weighs 16-34 kg (35-75 lbs). The Australian Shepherd has highly set, triangular ears, a moderately defined stop (point at which the muzzle meets the forehead), a scissors bite, and brown, blue, or amber eyes (or a combination thereof).
It has a flat back, natural or docked bobtail, and oval feet. The Australian Shepherd is slightly longer than it is tall. Coat The Australian Shepherd’s coat ranges from medium to long, with a dense undercoat. It can be straight or slightly wavy, and is highly weather resistant. The coat is short and soft on the head and legs, with a thick mane around the neck. The Australian Shepherd can be black, red, red merle (dark patches on a light colored background), or blue merle. All may have white markings or tan points. Character The Australian Shepherd is intelligent and eager to learn. It is relaxed, loyal, and devoted, bonding closely with family, even to the point of developing separation anxiety. Aussies are confident and lively; they are known to behave like puppies. Temperament The Australian Shepherd is a great companion for children and other pets, especially if socialized as a puppy. It can be shy around strangers, as it is territorial by nature. Australian Shepherds are affectionate and kindhearted.
They are easily bored. The Australian Shepherd can become nervous and destructive without frequent socialization and proper exercise. Care The Australian Shepherd requires relatively little grooming, but a thorough combing is required when shedding. Bathe only when necessary. Australian Shepherds can tolerate warm or cool climates, but must live indoors as they require constant socialization. Aussies have a life span of 12-13 years and litters of 5-8 puppies. Training The Australian Shepherd is fun to train because it learns quickly and easily. Aussies are unusually eager to please and adept at a wide variety of sports and games, such as herding, Flyball, and agility competitions. Activity Not only does the Australian Shepherd need a lot of exercise, it needs to be kept occupied. The Australian Shepherd is an excellent companion for people that are active, particularly those who recreate outdoors. Aussies will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale - Shipped Worldwide!