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Spoodles & Labradoodles are a great family dog & loyal companion that have many great qualities...At Labradoodleland Auckland we take great pride in our gorgeous, healthy Labradoodles. We emphasise health, welfare and temperament to create wonderful puppies.Breeders of fine puppies At Labradoodleland Auckland we take great pride in our gorgeous, healthy Labradoodles. Enormous care is taken to match each precious puppy with a suitable home as our goal is happy pets and satisfied owners and we can arrange travel throughout New Zealand. We maximise genetic health by breeding from unrelated dogs that have been tested for hereditary joint and eye diseases. This produces good natured, healthy dogs that are affectionate, easy going, friendly and intelligent.Why did Puppies Up North choose Spoodles…here are some great example pictures why I choose to raise Spoodles!! (NOTE: THESE ARE PICTURES OF PAST PUPPIES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN ADOPTED OUT BY PUPPIES UP NORTHNote: We are one of approximately 8 breeders in the United States to have Spoodles
Super Friendly with wonderful temperaments and love to play! They come potty trained,with all shots and will grow to 14-18 inches tallThey will be about 15-20lbs are super cuteand ready to be be adoptedto a great homeWe at Puppies up North have done a lot of research about this designer breed and love what people are saying about them and love the personality of them. We also feel that these puppies are a pretty close match to the looks, to the personality and the allergy friendly aspect of our Miniature Labradoodles! puppies for sale 22901It has been said that these dogs will be the designer breed of the millennium Don’t miss out on getting one of these precious puppies from Puppies Up Northshiba inu for sale olympia wa
What is a Spoodle? A Spoodle is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Spaniel (English Spaniel, American Spaniel, Springer Spaniel or Cocker Spaniel) to a Miniature Poodle. Spoodles are on of Australia’s most popular dog breeds and are growing in popularity here in the United States. Spoodles are specifically bred for their wonderful temperaments. They are a medium sized breed (about 14-16 inches at the shoulder) with semi long non-shedding hair and long soft ears. boxer puppies suffolk vaWe at Puppies Up North have two Cockapoos, one that we have bred back to a Spaniel, and one that we bred back to a poodle. puppies sale myerstown paOur puppies are considered multi-generational, so they are hypo allergenic, and don’t shedgreat dane puppies frisco tx
Size: The Spoodle can come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the Poodle breed used. Here at Puppies up North we used the Miniature Cockapoo weighs 12-20 lbs (5-9 kg) The Miniature Cockapoo is most common, with a shoulder height of 14-15 in (35-38 cm). Most have large, dark brown eyes and dark noses. A true Spoodle will NOT have a docked tail.Coat: The Spoodle has a coat which combines aspects of the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel coats. It may be very curly, flat, or anywhere in between. blue english staffy pups for sale cairnsThe Spoodle can be a wide variety of colors such as white, cream, tan, or a mix thereof. A variety of coat colors and textures can appear in the same litter.Character: The Spoodle is known for its pleasant temperament, loyalty and patience. Spoodles are outgoing and eager for human companionship and attention as well as they love to give attention.
Temperament: The Spoodle disposition makes it an ideal family pet. The Spoodle is gentle and loving with children and enjoys the company of all living things, including other dogs and pets.Care: Spoodles do not shed, but require a groom about every 6 months. Like other hybrids, Spoodles tend to have fewer health problems than most purebreds (known as ‘hybrid vigor’). Potential health problems are hip dysplasia (malformed hip joint which can cause lameness or arthritis), luxating patella (dislocated knee), ear infections, and eye problems such as PRA and cataracts. Here at Puppies Up North, our mommas and daddy’s are checked regularly for any potential health problems.Training: Spoodles are very intelligent and eager to please, which usually makes training a simple procedure. A firm approach is required. House training the Spoodle is relatively easy.Activity: The Spoodle has low exercise demands. A small yard where it can run freely and an occasional walk, in addition to its indoor antics, will keep it happy.
The Spoodle is a good breed for an apartment or condominium.How can I tell them apart? When our puppies are first born, I put a piece of yarn around their neck. This yarn aids in keeping track of their growth, their “input and output”, their personalities, their type of hair, etc.How much time are you around your puppies? I spend a minimum of 5-6 hours a day with these puppies: holding, changing soft blankets, cuddling, taking care of mama and her needs, teaching, tickling, cuddling, working through their 100 point socialization skills, cuddling, potty training, cuddling, … oh and did I say I love to cuddle with them? I also have a girlfriend that has grandchildren who love to spend time with my puppes…as well as my father is in a assisted living so i take them there too..What are the parents like? We make every effort to make sure that our mamas are fed and watered properly before giving birth. We assure them daily that they are okay and that this is a great thing. Often when dogs are pregnant, they are very self conscious and very cuddly.
The mamas almost act like puppies again and stay close on my heels to seek constant attention. My husband and I make sure that they get “extra loves” during their time of pregnancy.What will the puppies come with? All puppies will come with lots of love to give. They will be well socialized and up-to-date with their shots. They will have been given the proper doses of worming medications, will have an excellent vet check, their dew claws will have been removed, and last but not least, we will also be available for the LIFETIME of the puppy for any questions you may have.Puppy comes with a PUPPY BASKET full of things puppies love: a toy, Life Abundance Starter bag, starter Treats, a blanket that has been rubbed on mama for that great “mama smell” when they’re lonely, shampoo, poop pick up bags, and a full detailed health record showing all the things we did for your puppy to keep it strong and healthy (record of shots, wormers, nail clips, vet checks, Bordatella given, etc.)
What are we looking for in our adoptive families? We are looking for wonderful families with lots of love to give our puppies. We look for owners who promise to provide proper food, shelter, safety, exercise, medical needs kept up-to-date, and a few tummy rubs.What do we feed our mommas and our puppies? We give our mommas the best there is for dog food and supplements! We feed Life Abundance. Life Abundance can be shipped directly to your home! There are tons of other products that Live Abundance offers such as Porky Puff treats, Dental treats, antixoident treats, Healthy hearts, along with great smelling shampoo, a spray lavender mist for calming puppies after shots, a between bath spray to keep them smelling fresh. We love Life Abundance.Wonder what to feed your puppies?(Click on the words ABOVE to take you to my Life Abundance website. You can order directly from that website and get it auto shipped straight to your home!)Call me to find out how to get your dog food for FREE!! 320-250-2464 Grooming your Spoodle:
The Spoodle should carry coat characteristics from both the Poodle and the Spaniel. The preferred coat is dense, curly or heavily wavy, and close. The Spoodle should be brushed and combed. As Spoodles are a low to non-shed breed, clipping is required. The amount of grooming required for a Spoodle will depend on the length of its coat. All coat types will require some grooming but Spoodles with longer coats will need to be brushed more often than dogs with clipped coats. Spoodles need to have their ears properly dried after their bath to avoid infections.Both Poodles and Spaniels which make up the Spoodle are highly intelligent breeds and the Spoodle is a very quick learner. Early socialization and obedience are recommended for all Spoodles. Spoodles are fairly easy to train they make wonderful training students. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency. It can sometimes be difficult to keep your Spoodle puppy’s attention for long periods of time so try to make training times short and fun.
Also make sure your Spoodle puppy will come when called in the backyard before going out to an unfenced area as they have a tendency to wander over to new people they meet and “say helloMini Spoodles grow to about 14-16 inches at the shoulder as adults and 18-25 lbsSpoodle Life Span: 11 – 13 years.What people are saying and why we decided to add these mommas to Puppies Up North:They have terrific personalities and a great sense of humor, they really make a person smile each time the look into the eyes of a SPOODLE!! In general they are just great all round well adaptable sociable dogs that make great family petsWe have done a lot of research about this designer breed and love what people are saying about them and love the personality of them. We also feel that these puppies are a pretty close match to the looks of our Miniature Labradoodles! It has been said that these dogs will be the designer breed of the millennium! Do miss out on getting one of these precious puppies from Puppies Up North!!