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About Our Rescue Group: The mission of Cloud K-9 Rescue is to find loving homes for abused, abandoned and neglected dogs through-out Florida. A lot of dogs due to be euthanized at area shelters are very deserving of homes, so a large part of our work is placing these such dogs. We do not have an actual facility, however, we have foster families located in the St. Lucie County and Pasco County area where the animals reside until they are successfully adopted. Our ultimate goal is to place as many homeless dogs as possible through shelter intervention and foster home families. Our Adoption Process: All of our dogs are temperament tested prior to placement so we can match him/her with the most suitable family; however, the temperament of each dog is not guaranteed. Any and all of our organizations recommendations should be taken into consideration before proceeding with the adoption of your new companion. We have created a profile for each individual dog to the best of our knowledge and extended information (such as a dogs history) sometimes may not be known.
Additionally, if your family is interested in adopting one our companions you must first complete a survey which will enable us to determine the suitability of the particular animal you have chosen. Upon completion of your survey you will also be required to fill out an adoption application. In the meantime your references will be verified and a home visit will be completed. If everything checks out nicely, you will proceed by setting up a meeting with the particular dog of your interest and his/her foster parents. All meetings with our animals take place in a neutral environment with the dog's current foster parents who will be able to answer any additional questions you may have about the animal. The foster parents will then discuss the extent of the introduction and interaction with the animal with our adoption committee and then we will determine the outcome of the adoption.The dogs adoption fees are dependent upon the amount of vet care and additional expenses incurred while in our care.
Our standard adoption fee will include all up to date vaccines, a recent vet exam, a copy of the dogs medical records, spay/neuter, a microchip implant and any necessary tags and certificates.brunswick, GA (bwk) daytona beach (dab) florida keys (key) ft myers / SW florida (fmy) gainesville (gnv) heartland florida (cfl) jacksonville, FL (jax) lakeland (lal) north central FL (lcq) ocala (oca) orlando (orl) sarasota-bradenton (srq) south florida (mia) space coast (mlb) st augustine (ust) tampa bay area (tpa) valdosta (vld) + show 11 more...kijiji puppies for sale nbDogs & Cats Forever, Inc. is a No-Kill, Non-Profit animal sanctuary. teacup yorkies for sale yuma azOur facility's main goal is help solve the pet overpopulation by getting all of our animals spayed/neutered before adoption and encouraging those already with pets to spay/neuter. puppies for sale 20874
We believe with more public awareness we can defeat the problem of unwanted pets throughout St. Lucie County. Our Adoption Process: To ensure our animals are placed in their forever homes we temperament test every dog/cat and create a profile for each individual animal. biton puppies for saleOur animals are kept up to date on their vaccines, are altered once they reach 5 mos of age and kept on monthly heartworm and flea and tick preventative. puppies for sale limassolThe dogs are also microchipped and all of our animals are seen by our vet before they are listed as available for adoption. The animals at our facility are considered and treated as part of our family and we want to be 100% certain their new family will do the same. In addition to filing an adoption application we also require an adoption fee which includes the animals spay/ neuter, all up to date vaccinations (incl. rabies tag and certificate), de-worming, blood tests, a recent vet exam, a copy of the animals medical records and (in the dogs only) ID microchip implants.
Our dog/puppy adoption fee ranges from $85.00 and up and our cat/kitten adoption fee is $75.00 and up. Since we have been doing the temperament tests and have implemented a more thorough adoption procedure, our adoption rate has increased greatly and previous adopters keep coming back! So if your family is looking for a new companion please view our adoptable pets on our pet list or visit our shelter today. Animal Health Products Animal Registration & Identification Service Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies-Wholesale & Manufacturers Birds & Bird Supplies Dog & Cat Furnishings & Supplies Dog & Cat Grooming & Supplies Dog Training Farm Equipment Feed Dealers Feed-Wholesale & Manufacturers Fence-Sales, Service & Contractors Fence-Wholesale & Manufacturers Fertilizers Grain Dealers Guard Dogs Kennels Pet Boarding & Kennels Pet Breeders Pet Food Pet Grooming Pet Services Pet Sitting & Exercising Services Pet Specialty Services Pet Stores Pet Supplies
& Foods-Wholesale & Manufacturers Pet Training Tropical Fish Veterinarians Veterinary Clinics & HospitalsAbout Our Rescue Group: Manos por Patas (Hands for Paws) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the suffering of stray dogs roaming Puerto Rico, desperately in need of medical attention, food and water, and a loving touch. Manos por Patas came to be in much the same way most animal welfare organizations do. Someone saw an unjust situation and couldn’t let it continue.When I was in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2005, I saw these sad, sick, emaciated dogs roaming the beach near Yabucoa. My heart was broken as it is any time I see an innocent in need. But what could I do? I was only in the area for a few short days and those days were spent working on a job for which I was being paid. All I could do was take a few minutes each morning to pet them and speak kind words to them, hoping to convey a message of hope. I was there every month for a year and I cried every time.
But I felt helpless. I had no way to bring them all home with me. I had no money to have someone else take them in. But I still had the desire to right a very serious wrong. So in June 2006, Manos por Patas was born, with all the love and optimism my heart could hold.It began as just a way to feed and provide triage medical care for severely injured/ill animals but grew into a multi-program effort to not only treat the present situation but to change the paths for future animals on that beach – and on the entire island of Puerto Rico. I sent out a simple email to friends and family with a description of what I had seen and some pictures of the dogs there. The response was overwhelming and very quickly I was able to set up the first sterilization “round up”. Dr. Gwen Davis of PAWS (Puerto Rican Animal Welfare Society) came to Yabucoa and provided sterilizations and rabies vaccinations for as many animals as we could round up for her to treat. Then came more help from two veterinarians in the area.
They agreed to provide reduced cost services to rescuers in the area to continue the sterilizations, further reducing future populations of miserable, suffering dogs.And that is where we stand now. The financial support is, of course, essential. The medical supplies don’t come cheaply. However, the emotional and spiritual support we’ve received from all those who hear the story of the satos of Yabucoa has been invaluable and emboldening to us all.We believe this is only the beginning of this revolution, this changing of attitudes for the beautiful country of Puerto Rico. I truly can, even without my rose-colored glasses on, see a future without the intense suffering and misery these animals live every minute of their lives. When you come upon a dog who is so skinny his rib bones are protruding, his hairless skin, bloody with mange, hangs in rolls from his body, you kneel down and gently extend your hand, the dog puts his head down and slowly, anxiously comes toward you, hoping against all hope that you are there as a friend not to harm him