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One boy has become available (Please ring for details) We are pleased to announce that Baileydale Naughty Alice of Millroseglen has had her litter of all yellow puppies on the 12/05/2015. This is a repeat mating of our girl to the Super Baileydale blaze a trail which produced a such a stunning litter last time.Henry her son has done very well in the show ring and we are hoping for a girl to join him in his showing career.Puppies leave with Eukanuba puppy pack, kc Assured breeders registration documentation, first vaccination and lifetime of support.Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver (Ftw) x Howey The Angel Loisraven Towcester Northants 19th May 2015 Parents Health TestedI have a huge litter 9 dogs and 4 bitches of Fox Red Shade of Yellow Labradors ( will be registered Yellow) born on the 19th May. Will be ready to go beginning of July. Will be sold with Five Generation Pedigree, be K.C. Registered, free month insurance be fully wormed and take home a puppy pack.** Update as of the 22nd June now all deposits taken for the litter**.
Thank you for all the interest.Ftch Astraglen Hail x Scarlett Elska Fireflight Buckingham Bucks 27th May 2015 Parents Health TestedHealthy litter of 7 black labrador puppies from health tested working parents.This is Freyas 3rd and final litter. Puppies from previous litters can be seen. Born 27th May the puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes the end of July.Dunnabbey Highlander x Rashffilc Bumbleberry Millroseglen Hartlepool Cleveland 25th May 2015 Parents Health Tested*** 1 boy has become available ***Chocolate show bred puppies with beautiful proportions and stunning heads.Sired by the Superb and Successful show dog Dunnabbey Highlander we are expecting these puppies to be absolutely stunning examples of the Chocolate Labrador. Bred by (UKAS accredited) Kennel Club Assured breeders for temperament and type with all the relevant Health checks in place. Puppies will all leave with Eukanuba puppy pack, Assured breeders advice pack and of course will be wormed, vaccinated and vet checked.
Please contact for further details.Welcome to our web site,hope you enjoy looking at our dogs and what we have to offer.Occasionally we do have fully trained Labradors for sale, please give us a ring if that is what you are looking for Tel 01254 831363.We have been breeding and training labradors for the past 45 years. All our dogs are shot over regularly and we go picking up as much as we can.John is the captain of the England Gundog Team, you may have seen us at the C.L.A. Game Fair.bichon frise for sale in keralaWe both compete in Working Tests and Field Trials throughout the shooting season.teacup yorkie puppies lynchburg vaWe have won the Retriever Championship on five occaisions, John winning it three times in a row with FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION BREEZE OF DRAKESHEAD in 1985, 1986, 1987,a feat never before accomplished.puppies for sale gourock
He then went on to win it again in 1992 with FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION RAUGHLIN PETE OF DRAKESHEAD.Sandra won the Championship in 1979 with FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION WESTEAD SHOT OF DRAKESHEAD.Between us we have made up 29 FIELD TRIAL CHAMPIONS and bred many more.We are both FIELD TRIAL(A) panel Judges, Sandra is also a CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW JUDGE for Labradors.We do six/seven Gundog Training Demonstrations up and down the country each year, you may have seen us at the country fairs.We also have Gundog Training D.V.Ds and Videos on the market (see the appropriate page)Occasionally we do have puppies for sale, but you would need to order well in advance.Puppies are also available by our Stud dogs see the puppy page.We always have TOP CHAMPIONS AT STUD, have a look at them ON THE stud page.Thank you for looking at our web page, do hope you enjoyed it, we are here to help you.You have probably heard that Labradors in the UK and abroad have become divided into two rather different types of dog.
Working or field bred dogs, and show (or bench) bred dogs.But which type of Labrador makes the best pet?Before making your mind up about which type of Labrador to bring into your home, it’s a good idea to read about some of the different qualities of Labradors of both field and show strains.This article on Labrador Characteristics is a good place to start.As you can see, Labradors bred specifically for gundog work don’t just look different from Labradors bred for the show ring, they have different ‘natures’ too.Working temperament The working strain Labrador is likely to be easier to train. It may be easier for example, for an inexperienced owner to get him walking nicely on a lead. The working labrador has a quick mind and is often a very sensitive soul that lives to please.Though of course extremes of sensitivity can occasionally lead to nervousnessSo it is worth being extra thorough in choosing a responsible breeder and in socialising your working bred puppy.
Working labradors may have very strong hunting instincts and be more likely to pursue your local wildlife.Some will have so much ‘drive’ that an inexperienced owner will struggle to gain control on their daily walks together. Especially if they don’t pay enough attention to the dog.This is something to consider if you like to relax and chat with friends whilst out walking.Show temperament All Labradors are very lively when young, but show bred labs are often somewhat more placid, slower, and ‘chilled out’ as they age. Whilst their field bred cousins tend to remain ‘high energy’ dogs for much of their lives.Show bred labs are perhaps more likely to be noisy, simply because noise is a disqualifying fault in a field trial and has therefore been ‘bred out’ of working dogs to a certain extent.They are also heavier and stronger than their field bred cousins.Which is right for me? The answer to ‘which type is best?’ is of course never straightforward. If you want to get active with your dog, and maybe get involved with some Labrador activities or sports, then a Labrador from working lines might suit you best.
If you don’t want to spend much time training and want to have long family walks through the countryside where your dog runs free, you may find it easier to manage a show type lab. Working bred labs respond best to lots of human contact and a more managed approach to exercise.If you are interested in Therapy Dog work, then the more ‘laid back’ show type might also suit you best. There are no hard and fast rules. Just remember that all Labradors can be very boisterous when young and individuals of either type can vary widely.Dual purpose A few breeders are attempting to re-create the dual purpose Labradors of the last century. Good looking medium weight dogs of substance with nice thick tails, and solid broad heads with some brain inside themI think this is great news for Labradors as many working bred labs have quite poor conformation.Whichever type of labrador you choose for a pet, make sure you choose your breeder wisely. Getting a healthy puppy that has had a healthy start in life is more important than any of the above considerations.