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Rent a puppy now! Renting a puppy is the first step of our adoption process Adoption Story Check the blog page to see our puppies' adoption stories and recent news about Puppies For Rent. Puppy Care Tips Check our adoption page for tips on how to take care of your new puppy. Puppy Featured in NordicTrack Video This week, a YouTube video was released that includes Thatcher, a former puppy from the Puppies For Read MoreBYU student Jenna Miller is conquering the dog-eat-dog business world by renting out puppiesMiller told the Daily Herald in Provo, Utah, that she got the idea for Puppies For Rent from a Yale program that lends a pooch to stressed scholars. Since starting Puppies for Rent last summer with the help of her brother, Miller now has four employees and lots of repeat business. One student told the paper she has rented four puppies, while another said he borrowed one for a first date.It didn't take long for Miller's pet project to catch on.“I put up one flier at BYU,” Miller told KUTV.
“I got like four calls that same day.” The young dogs cost $15 for an hour, $25 for two hours and $10 for each hour after that, according to the station. The program gives students all the snuggles without the long-term commitment. Miller said that all her previous puppies, which she gets from families and animal shelters, have found permanent homes.Campus canine borrowing seems to be picking up. During finals at Sam Houston State University last spring, students could pay $5 for 15 minutes of puppy love, according to the Houstonian.Emory, Kent State and Macalester College have also experimented with dog-therapy programs for students frazzled by exams, the Associated Press reported.And last March, Yale Law School students could check out Monty the bulldog along with other library materials to decompress, the New York Times reported. “It is well documented that visits from therapy dogs have resulted in increased happiness, calmness and overall emotional well-being,” law librarian Blair Kauffman told the Times.
Not be outdone, Harvard Medical School has a resident shih tzu called Cooper Anderson who holds regular office hours, the AP noted.Provo’s Puppies For Rent delivers exclusively to Provo, Utah. In order to maintain punctual deliveries we no longer deliver past Center Street in Orem. If you live outside of the light blue border on the map below, please submit the address of Pioneer Park(500 West Center Street) in Provo. Instead of submitting your home address, submit the address of the park and we’ll meet you there at the time of your rental.Notice: The same cancellation policy applies to rentals booked outside of our set delivery limits. There will be no refunds given to rentals cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time. If you need to adjust your appointment details you can do so by clicking the link in your confirmation email up to 8 hours before your rental.Are you looking to buy a friend or loved one a Puppies For Rent gift card? Click ‘buy now’ to get your gift card!
Or click ‘redeem’ to use your gift certificate.SPANISH FORK -- Many changes have come since the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter opened in 2003. The shelter was run by Utah County until Jan… PROVO -- Corinne Bullock suffers from puppy love, an affliction she's had since her early childhood. Every birthday wish was for a dog, but every year she walked away from her birthday dog-less. So to finally fulfill her dreams, Bullock's boyfriend called Puppies for Rent, a new business started by Brigham Young University student Jenna Miller.biewer yorkies for sale in san jose"My boyfriend rented a black lab named Babe. yorkshire terrier for sale in karachiWe took Babe hiking with us," Bullock said. siberian husky for sale in rapid city sd
"It was fun to have a puppy around."In fact, Bullock and her boyfriend enjoyed it so much they rented Babe again, and have rented puppies four times from Miller. Even though one of the puppies urinated on the floor, they plan on renting again, Bullock said.Miller's Puppies for Rent business started up this summer. It was targeted at BYU students who don't have the opportunity to have pets. She got together with her brother, who is an attorney and entrepreneur, worked out the contracts, the waivers and fees, and got a business license. puppies for sale 34953The next step was purchasing product -- 8- to 12-week-old puppies.puppies for sale in oban"This started after I heard that Yale University has puppies they rent to students during finals week to help them de-stress," Miller said. puppies for sale wpb fl
"It's been growing super fast."For dog lovers concerned about the welfare of the animals, Miller said not to worry. There are contracts, delineated liabilities that put responsibility and good care on the renter. Most dogs are rented for one or two hours. She also has connected with veterinarians in the area.The puppies are purchased from several locations, often from people who bought them and changed their mind, from the animal shelter and events like Petco's adoption Saturdays. All of the puppies have their shots, and are groomed and fed before being delivered for their rental appointment. Currently the puppies are delivered only in the Provo/Orem area.Miller has four employees who care for, deliver and pick up the dogs and seven rental puppies that all live together. Provo law puts no limit on the number of dogs under 6 months of age that can live at one house. Most of the older puppies have been adopted to previous renters, like Orem resident and BYU student Summer Jones.
"A month ago I heard about it from a friend at school. I thought that would be so much fun and texted the Puppies For Rent number. They replied right back. My preference was a medium to large breed dog. They set up the appointment and that was it," Jones said.It was Jones's little sister who got the rest of the family excited. After the first time, they decided to rent the chocolate lab/border collie mix again."We talked about possibly adopting and Jenna agreed to let us rent overnight. It was really well tempered and we fell in love," Jones said.According to Puppies For Rent employee Bradley Corry, a BYU communications/journalism major, it was his love of dogs that made Miller hire him."Delivering puppies can wear you out," Corry said. "People always want us there on time, but never have a problem if we're late picking up."Corry added that sometimes when he delivers he can hear the excited giggles and squeals from those inside the home.
While Miller started the business to cater to BYU students, word got out and now Utah Valley University students, families and single working folks are all renting puppies. Corry said he's delivered puppies for dates, birthday parties and surprise gifts and one mom rented a puppy for her daughter as a reward."It's a great date activity," said Matt Long, a UVU student. "I love dogs and rented Wesley the Maltese for a first date. It's a huge thing. How your date treats a dog is how they'll treat humans," Long said. "It was easy and fun. It was better than going to a restaurant for the same amount of money."BYU student Danny Carney said, "I was hearing about Puppies for Rent and said I've got to do this on a date. I rented Douglas, a mixed lab. They deliver anywhere and that's great because most of us students don't have cars. A couple of my friends have rented too."Carney said he plans on doing it again and the best part is you usually get a kiss at the end of the date, even if it is just from a puppy.