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Find dogs and puppies locally for sale or adoption in Miramichi : get a boxer, husky, German shepherd, pug, and more on Kijiji, free online classifieds in Canada.Find or rehome a dog, cat, bird, horse and more on Kijiji: pets offered by humane societies and shelters, owners and breeders locally in Miramichi.My name is Mandy and I was surrendered by my family along with Louie when they could no longer care for us. I am a energetic girl who will require daily exercise. I am house trained, however, I will need leash training as I like to pull. I am looking for a home that is willing to adopt Louie and I together as we are a bonded pair and Louie really looks up to me for comfort and guidance!Arrival Date: Mar. 2015**I will only be adopted out to a family who is willing to adopt both Louie and I as we are a bonded pair.**My name is Louie and I was surrendered along with Mandy by our owners when they could no longer care for us. I am a little bit unique in my looks as I have the body of a big dog but very short little legs, it makes me look super cute!
I am a house trained boy who can be a little timid at first if I am not near Mandy. I really look up to her for guidance and comfort. I am looking for a family who is willing to take us both and keep us as a family in our new home! I will require some leash training as I do pull on a leash.** I will only be adopted out to a family willing to adopt both Mandy and I as we are a bonded pair.**My name is Hector and I was surrendered as I had no where to go when my owner no longer wanted me. I am a happy boy who really loves people. I am house trained and I would make a great walking partner as soon I learn some leash training but it's the perfect excuse to go out every day and get some fresh air! I can't wait to meet my new best friend. I will need a home with no felines and no small kids.Arrival Date: May 2015My name is Koda and I am a beautiful girl looking for a special home. I am looking for a home with a fenced in yard as I am a bit of flight risk (I was lost twice and had to be caught with a live trap).
I don't try to run on my own but doors have to be secured as I won't hesitate to take off if the opportunity arises. On the plus side, I am fully house trained and I am crate trained. I get along well with kids, cats, dogs and women. She warms up to men once she gets to know them. Because she startles easy with small kids quick movements (although does get over it quickly) a home with older children would be best. yorkie poo puppies edmontonArrival Date: Apr. 2015shih poo puppies raleigh nc**Please note that Koda is currently in foster care. pups for sale in newark notts
If interested, please call to make arrangements ahead of time to meet her.**We are very much in need of wet and dry kitten, cat food. Our cats particularly like Whiskas & Purina cat chow. We ask that you please avoid purchasing pet food with red dyes, as these types are not healthy for the animals.We are in desperate need of foster homes. We are a NO KILL shelter.puppies for sale in ormocis a private, independent, not-for-profit organization that is fully-funded by donations. gsp puppies for sale in mnis not a government agency. does not receive funding from federal or provincial governments. Our only government support is from the city sale of dog tags. The proceeds of these sales represent about 2% of our annual operating budget.
funding is derived from memberships, fees for services, individual and corporate donations, special events, and merchandise sales. is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency.This is an OFFICIAL group endorsed by the Miramichi SPCA and its board of directors. This is the official website of the Miramichi SPCA. Information found on other sites or in the Miramichi SPCA social networking groups may not be accurate and may not reflect the official position of the organization.We allow one ad per item or service per city site which is active for 90 days.Posting by minors under the age of 16 is not allowed. Minors must have their guardian post content on their behalf and the guardian must act as the primary contact.We reserve the right to remove any ads that we feel are not relevant or of any value to our users, with or without notice.We reserve the right to remove ads without refund if we feel that our policies or Terms of Use are regularly or deliberately breached. from those who regularly break our Posting Policy.
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We offer the following recommendations so that those re-homing or purchasing a pet do so in a safe, educated and responsible manner.Recommendations for re-homing your pet:We do not recommend offering your pet as FREE. Charging an adoption fee will likely discourage anyone with malicious intentions. A nominal fee will not deter a genuine buyer.The description of your ad should explain why you are re-homing your pet and describe what kind of home would be best. Outline likes and dislikes as well as entertaining and endearing aspects of your pet’s personality.Screen potential homes and new owners carefully. This should not be an issue for those with a genuine interest in giving your pet a safe and loving home. If anyone refuses to allow you to visit, we would recommend you not place your pet with them.Consider all elements of any potential new home for your pet. Are there small children in the home? Will your pet be an indoor or outdoor pet? Does the family have a veterinarian that can be used as a reference?
Is the new family a young growing family who may not have the time required to keep your pet happy?Spay or neuter your pet if you haven’t done so already. Ensure that vaccinations are up-to-date and have your veterinary print records so you can present to the new parents.Recommendations for searching for a pet:Search for pets in your immediate local area. Long distances increase risks and make it harder to visit the pets in their home environment. We do not allow postings of pets from outside of local sites.Try finding a pet from a recognised shelter or rescue organization, such as the RSPCA. There are many animals in these centres looking for a new and permanent home.Visit the pet’s home to determine if your own home environment is similar. A pet accustomed to a quiet atmosphere might not be suitable if your home is busy and noisy.When adopting a young animal (must be eight weeks of age or older) ask to see the mother. If the owner will not let you see the parent, there may be a problem.