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i have for sale a Belgian malinios bitch she is currently 15 months old has fantastic ball and hunt drive very good civil drive good around other dogs still green in her training can be used for sport or pp bred from imported stock from ring ....DUCO ll, TOMMY LUIJKEN, ROCKY VAN LEEWAN. This is a repeat breeding. Skii is a very nice dog to own and can live in the house or out in kennels. She is very accommodating to her handler and nice to have around in all ways. 1 day ago | For Sale by curzon von dutch herders colebrook(Jerry V. Valesca's Home)Affectionately known at the kennel as "Man-Eating Rudy"KNPV PH1 438/440 met lofOutstanding working line pedigree with KNPV PHI and KNPV PH2 in his blood line from both Dam and Stud going back to the 1980's. Rudy is all about his work. He is a one-man-dog and is strongly bonded with owner Irene.He is clearheaded, smart, affectionate and loyal. His KNPV PHI score is verification of his INTENSE AND EXTREME DRIVE with courage and commitment to match.
He passes these qualities, plus his solid bone and powerful physical structure, on to his pups.Rudy's Pedigree Kondorvolgyi RichiCertified Dual Purpose Police K9Trained at Ruidoso Malinois and working in New Mexico. Richi has a gifted nose, fearless deep committed bite and extreme drive. He has strong working lines from both Eastern and Western Europe. He is an intense dog and produces confident, high-drive energetic pups.Ruidoso Malinois is privileged to have Cobe as their stud.Belguim 2009 National Champion IPO III and Belguim 2009 Grand Prize winner Belgian HerderPedigree and Details Our DamsMishka (Arwen Bohemia Col-Bri)Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2013 Imported from SlovakiaAccomplished in her own right and Daughter of renowned Arrack's Home Kamatz KNPV PH2. She continues a long line of working success on both sides of her parentage. Mishka is a confident powerful dog who is a calm, gentle, attentive mother whose confidence and strong genetics are passed on to her pups.
Mishka's Pedigree Phoebe (Kondorvolgyi Phoebe)Strong Eastern and Western European working lines. Phoebe is deeply committed in bite, is focused, scored 1st place in BH trial and has extreme ball drive. She is social with no aggression, she is balanced in prey, fight and defense. She brings affection, loyalty and much joy. Her littermates are working as Police K9 and successful Sport Dogs.Phoebe's Pedigree Nemo (Ruidoso Malinois Gaia)Nemo is the daughter of Rasta and Adesse, both can be seen below in our "Retired Dogs" section. She has strong French lines including two-time National Champion Top Gun (France). She has produced confident high-drive focused pups.Nemo's Pedigree - Rasta Nemo's Pedigree - Adesse Idana La Cage Aux FollesIdana is a talented determined girl who accomplished 3rd place (Protection) in a K9 trial in Slovakia at only 11 months old. She was pushed hard, very young and was able to follow through impressively. She is filled with courage and does what you ask of her with confidence and commitment.
We are fortunate to have such a superior dog as part of our breeding program.siberian husky for sale billingsIdana's Pedigree Bella Cibo Imported from Croatiacockapoo puppies sale rspcaBella has strong , deep and committed bite together with high ball and hunt drive. beabull puppies for sale njShe is clear headed and willing with a strong bond with her handler. teacup yorkies for sale fort myers florida
She comes from a long line of accomplished working dogs.puppies for sale imminghamKNPV PHI Stud and working line Dam from Holland. labrador pups for sale hervey bayWith her strong Dutch working lines Hego has intense drive, solid muscled structure and is clearheaded and social. She is an outstanding dog who has completed her training as a Dual Purpose K-9. Chila is imported from Serbia and is 2010 Serbian National Champion with extreme drive, calm temperament, and very social. We are fortunate to have her here. She is everything we could hope for and more. She passes these characteristics on to her pups.A wonderful, affectionate and intelligent female with solid bite, high drive and focused disposition. Jewels has impressive strong European bloodlines, as seen in her pedigree.
She produces excellent pups with drive focus and clear-headed disposition.Extreme hunt, committed strong bite, exceptional female, social,not hanlder aggressive.Rhea's Pedigree Our StudsA direct import from France, Rasta is our prized stud and weighs in at 80 lbs. He is executive protection trained, which reflects his superior quality. He demonstrates a solid mind, calm disposition, strong drive and crisp response. His crushing bite is calm and secure. He has exceptional conformation and solid bone with no joint vulnerabilities - qualities passed on to his litters.Rasta is also an extraordinary family companion dog - curious, affectionate, responsive and participatory. This combination of high drive working mind and calm family dog renders him a once in a lifetime dog.Frozen semen is available for approved females only.Rasta's Pedigree Our DamsHungarian Certified Search and Rescue K-9 and certified Accelerant Detection K-9. Titled IPO 1 Diva is a highly talented and intelligent girl.
She wants to work, work, work, and her accomplishments reflect this. She is an excellent mother and her engaging and devoted temperament and drive is passed on to her pups. She gives us much joy.Diva's Pedigree Fenna (Dhr. A.H.M. Groothuys, Hengelo Ov)KNPV PH1 432/440 met lof Imported from HollandFenna is the daughter of Rudie KNPV PH2 NATIONAL CHAMPION, Holland. Fenna is one of very few KNPV PH1 females in the United States and the only daughter of Rudie in the U.S. We are fortunate to have her. Her pups are now working as police K-9 and other working disciplines. She transfers to her pups, high ball and bite drive with committed deep bite that is genetically transferred. Cassandra is out of Tina and Rasta and has full working dog French Blood lines. She has strong drives, strong nerves and is an excellent mother to her pups. Cassandra is gentle with a calm, curious and focused demeanor. A wonderful addition to our kennel. Fayla has it all - temperament, soundness, drive, focus, and strength.