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AllPaws is the fastest and easiest way to adopt a pet. Find a shelter or rescue near you to adopt a petWhat You Should Know Before Buying a Shiba InuWhispering Pines is a small hobby kennel owned by Wanda St. Pé. We have been raising pure bred dogs for over 30 years. If you're thinking of buying a puppy, first know that:Whispering Pines raises AKC Registered puppiesWe let you know exactly who the puppy's parents areWe're on 10 acres of land - not some tiny kennelCan I come to your house?We have grandchildren who regularly come over to play with the puppies, so your new friend will be happy and used to socializing.With a Shiba Inu puppy, you get a new companion. Daily walks are not only good for your puppy, but they help keep you healthy, too! Caring for a dog can also teach kids life skills such as patience and caring.Don't put off adding a new member to your family. Please call us today at 318-466-5262 for more info. Already spoke to us about your puppy?
Click Here to pay online through our safe and encrypted checkout system.Shipping within the continental US only. Sorry overseas shipping is not available.The page you requested is not available.Looking for a puppy or information on a dog breed? View our most popular Pet Friendly pages:L&FD - VA is a hub for lost & found resources. We no longer create individual lost pet alerts, but...Find Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale in Virginia. Adopt the perfect Shiba Inu puppy in Virginia.Do yourself (and your pet) a favor and take a look at the review of "Mary F" in the "unrecommended reviews" section at the bottom of this page. Mary F's dog died while being treated at Worth Street Vet and this is clearly not a fake review since the veterinarian who treated the dog even wrote a very uncompassionate reply to the review and acknowledged the death of the pet. The veterinarian even went as far as to blame the dog's owner for its death, completely dismissing any responsibility and further showing a true lack of empathy.
After reading the review and the vet's response, I contacted "Mary F" via Yelp to share my experience at Worth Street vet (which was also not great). In my message to her, I expressed sympathy at the loss of her dog and mentioned that I thought the vet's reply to her review was lacking compassion and empathy. airedale terrier puppies cape townShe replied the following: "Thank you for your compassion and insightful reply. poodle puppy for sale in kuching sarawakWe have been too heartbroken to tender a reply to such outragious lies. bugg puppies for sale nj
He told us she had a strong heart and after she had died he said the second opinion he received of her chest X-ray indicated she did not have heart disease.We're sorry to hear you too had a horrible experience at Worth Street Vet. We hope your dog or cat is doing well. pitbull puppies in kcmoI then noticed that the review had been moved to "unrecommended". puppies for sale in hornseaTo me, it looks like Worth Street Vet is attempting to control their reviews by regularly burying negative ones and reporting them as illegitimate so they end up in the "unrecommended" section. Yelp customers deserve to know the truth, especially when they put the lives of their pets in the hands of people who are supposed to act professionally.
In regards to my own experience at Worth Street vet, I will certainly NEVER return. Though my experience wasn't tragic like Mary's, this is simply NOT the right place for a cat. First of all, the vet is located in the basement of a building that has a very busy restaurant on the first floor and a dog rescue on another. There is a lot of traffic on Worth Street (two lane street) and you have to take an elevator to get to the vet's office (which is located in the basement). All this contributes to make the experience a lot more stressful for a cat. My appointment was scheduled at 2:40pm and my cat was still not seen by the doctor at 3:10pm. Assistants and vets kept passing by us and slamming a thick metal door constantly behind them, causing a lot of noise and scaring many animals in the waiting area. Not once did anyone offer to take us to a quieter place to wait, until I mentioned the long wait and the noise issue. Every cat owner knows that a visit to the vet is never an easy task but one thing we can control is to try to make the experience less stressful by picking an office that makes our animal feel more comfortable.
In my opinion, this is not the right place.Moreover, after noticing that Mary F's legitimate review had been contested and placed under "unrecommended", I can honestly say that I do not trust Worth Street Veterinary Center's stellar reviews. How many bad experiences will they bury to keep their self inflated good rating??In reply to the owner's response to my review (see below), it is an absolute lie to write that "I walked in and out of the office" without giving them a chance. I waited THIRTY FIVE minutes in the waiting area and my cat was not seen or addressed at all in those 35 minutes. We did not even get to the part where new patient information is being entered. We waited in a very noisy area where a thick metal door was constantly closed over and over again, scaring many animals in the waiting area. The owner writes that it's "normal to wait longer when a new animal is seen" but the point is that we were not seen AT ALL in 35 minutes.
This is clearly an indication that their schedule was overbooked and has nothing to do with the fact that my pet was new to their office. Moreover, I'd like to point out that my cat is 14 years old and that she has been to many vet's offices in every city I've lived in. Never have I encountered the wait that I've experienced at Worth Street Veterinary Center (especially on a first time visit!) so, clearly, this isn't normal like the owner is purporting it to be. The defensiveness in his reply to my posting, as well as to others, is an indication of how they really take feedback. I am sorry to say, Mr Block, but your response is disingenuous.During the time I lived in the Financial District, I used Dr. DiPolo as my vet. Initially, it was just for routine visits - the dog was due for his annual vaccinations. The interaction was overwhelmingly positive. Dr. DiPolo has a wonderful personality and was very good with the pup.One day, the dog was up all night coughing.
I called the office to find out if there was any availability, sooner rather than later. An appointment was scheduled quickly thereafter. When I arrived, I explained what I'd been seeing. Of course, the dog, who had been reliably coughing, decided not to while Dr. DiPolo was in the room. This didn't phase the good doctor at all. He efficiently and effectively induced a cough and provided a diagnosis. A few minutes later, I was ready to go back to my apartment, prescription in hand.I have had nothing but positive experiences with Worth Street Veterinary Center, both with the administrative and the medical side. Without any reservations, I would recommend them to anybody who lives nearby.My puppy was recently attacked by another dog on the streets of TriBeCa (far from our usual vet on the Upper West Side) so I frantically called the closest vet I could find on Google Maps. Enter Worth Street Veterinary Center. Even though they were due to close in 5 minutes, they stayed open and Dr. DiPolo and his staff treated Hanky right away.