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Anoka, MN Amazing boy! Neutered, lookong for his forevee home. See video link below.I have had the best experience with dean and Carla! We love our puppy and would recommend them to anyone we know that's looking to add a great Dane to there family!! They were so helpful with the hard process of sending a dog to Hawaii! And have gone out of there way to help our family find the perfect male Great Dane! Best service ever and they care so much about there dogs! Hundreds of thanks to themThis breeder needs to learn how contracts work and what the right thing to do is when there is a problem with a dane. You don't say that you are going to destroy a dane just because they have a non-genetic problem. Also this breeder needs to do more research about great dane care and what are and aren't genetic problems in Great Danes ! Contact a board member, using their info below Submit the form at the bottom of this page Call us at 763-210-1978 Postal Mail: Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue PO Box 485
Board of Directors: Corey FlathPresident, Incident / Risk MgmtCorey is the president of UMGDR and an active foster home for the rescue. Corey previously served on the board as Director of Intake and Transport. Corey is a lifelong animal lover and owner, but is especially fond of Great Danes. Corey and his wife Erin live in Rosemount, MN with their three Great Danes Hera, Duke, and Zoltan.Intake, Transport and Foster HomeKaren started volunteering with UMGDR in 2009, starting with home visits, and spending three years as a placement coordinator. She has owned Great Danes most of her adult life. She fell in love with her best friends male Great Dane and decided to start looking for one of her own. Instead, while working outside on her horse farm a woman drove by and asked her if she wanted a dog, it turned out to be a fabulous Great Dane! She lives in Minnetonka with her husband; Great Dane Georgia, Ike the Beagle, and two cats.Julie grew up on a small farm and always loved animals, especially big dogs.
She always wanted a Dane and her mother told her she could have one when she had a house of her own. That’s exactly what she did! She has had at least one Dane for almost 20 years. She started volunteering with UMGDR at the very beginning as the Director of Home Visits and also fostered and transported. bernese mountain dog for sale rochester nySince then she has fostered over 25 Danes, served as the Director of Volunteers and Training (2010-2012), mentored new foster homes, and has adopted 2 UMGDR Danes. yorkshire terrier for sale oshawaShe lives in Ham Lake, MN, with her husband Shaun, UMGDR Dane Spencer (he’s been at events in the Twin Cities, Milwaukee, St. Cloud, and Fargo!), terrier Smudge, 4 cats, 2 parrots, and 2 large snakes.teacup yorkie puppies tallahassee fl
Connie joined UMGDR in January of 2015 as the treasurer. Connie brings 20+ years of non-profit experience to the rescue. Connie is a lifelong animal lover, owner of large dogs, and supporter of the Animal Humane Society, where the majority of her family was rescued from. pug puppies midland txShe lives in St. Paul with her husband, a Great Dane-mix, and 3 cats.teacup yorkie puppies spokaneMichelle Miller is the Secretary for the Board of Directors. yorkies for sale duluth mnShe has been a volunteer with the rescue since adopting her dane, Stella, in November of 2013. In addition to her responsibilities as a board member, Michelle holds other volunteer roles in processing adoption applications and managing our Petfinder page.
She also loves participating in fundraising and goodwill events.Home Visits and AdoptionsJill Grover has been volunteering with the rescue since 2011 when she adopted her first Dane through UMGDR. She started as a reference checker, then became a Placement Coordinator, and finally the Placement Team Lead before taking on her current role with the Board. Jill lives in Hudson, WI with her husband, Darren, their new son, Walter, and their 4 year old Dane, Frank.The St Cloud Pet Expo brings all the services and products pet owners want and need under one roof.Advanced Radiology Room Provides Best Quality ResultsA Central Minnesota First Advanced Care Pet Hospital was the 1st pet clinic in Central Minnesota to use the Phillips HD 7 series Color Doppler ultrasound unit for pets.Phillips HD 7 Ultrasound Units are typically found in human medical facilities. This unit has been tailored with special probes and software to cater to pet ultrasounds.This is no cheap laptop unit. The Phillips HD7 provides a greater range, depth and clarity of diagnostic imaging than can typically be provided in low cost pc or laptop based units.
Superior Imaging for Soft Tissue Perhaps its single most valuable benefit is its ability to help Dr Pamela Gerds diagnose various health conditions, while you wait and without the need of invasive surgery.Ultrasound uses sound waves to create medical images inside the pet allowing Dr. Gerds to visualize internal organs, their size, structure and any lesions.It is also used to assist with less invasive biopsies of internal organs.In your pet’s abdomen, ultrasound is particularly effective for imaging:Ultrasound can help us to detect cancer in its early stages. An ultrasound of the heart, or echocardiogram, is very valuable to check the function of your pet’s heart.Board Certified Radiology on Referral We supply board certified radiology readings to several area vet clinics in Central Minnesota on a referral basis.Advanced Care easily saves and transmit your pet's images to board certified radiologists at the client's request.Dr. Gerds has been using ultrasound for over six years and has had extensive training on the extended capabilities of this particular unit.
Actual unborn puppy image from Advanced Care, 7/29/2010. We can send home pictures of your puppies.Ultrasound is recommended with all urinary tract infections to evaluate the bladder wall and to check for debris, lesions, defects and stones.All ultrasound scans are performed on-site at Advanced Care.Breeds at increased risk for congenital heart problems should have a cardiac scan at approximately six months or at the time of spay or neuter to have a baseline measurement reading and to check for early signs of problems.Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Newfoundland, Boxer, Dobermans, and Great Dane are breeds included in the list of those at increased risk.As pets get older or have dental disease, heart valve problems can develop.Ultrasound evaluates each heart valve as well as the rest of the structure of the heart and is the best means of determining the proper medications and course of treatment for the pet.Ultrasound - Doppler Color Flow The HD 7 color Doppler settings are helpful to the Doctor to evaluate blood velocity measurements over a wide area of the scan field.
Signals from moving red blood cells are displayed in color as a function of their motion toward or away from the probe.Color flow displays are easier to interpret, and there is less risk of missing important flow information.Advanced Care Color Doppler Ultrasound in action.Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) is very common in cats and is frequently asymptomatic until sudden death occurs.We recommend periodic cardiac scans on all cats in order to catch any problems early and to be able to better ensure the safety of an anesthetic procedure.Philips digital ultrasound system also provides DICOM connectivity.Images from your pets ultrasound studies are stored on a PACs (Picture Archive Server) which is integrated with our Electronic Patient Records system. Your x-ray and ultrasound images are automatically posted and recorded with your pets medical record.We Focus on Keeping Your Pets Healthy Pets can not tell us what is wrong.• Our diagnostic services provide quicker results with greater accuracy.
On site diagnostics allow us to have accurate test results in 20 minutes instead of 24 hours.• Quick diagnosis allows us to correctly we treat your pet sooner so they can recover faster.• We combine advanced digital telemedicine with traditional in-house fecals, urinalysis and blood lab work, to develop a more complete picture of your pet's condition.• Our ability to have results within minutes is especially valuable for pre-anesthetic testing if your pet is about to undergo surgery, as well as for evaluation of your pet if there is an emergency.• Pre-anesthetic testing provides you with peace of mind and gives us important physiological information on your pet before we give anesthesia.Telemedicine for Board Certified Radiology Telemedicine is the use of phone lines and digital medical tools to provide clinical pet health care long distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in small communities.