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Thank you for visiting! We are thrilled you are interested in this great breed we so dearly adore. Learn why we started rescuing Siberian Huskies in 1982 by viewing the About Us page. To learn about the Siberian Husky and find out how to proceed with adopting, read the FAQs. If you'd like to continue, complete an Application. To view dogs currently needing your love and commitment, see our Available Dogs, but keep in mind there may be several new huskies entering our program not yet pictured. Please take a look at those who have found forever homes on the Saved Lives page.This video describes all of the challenges facing Husky Haven of L.A.If you'd like to help us continue to save the lives of Siberian Huskies in need, learn what you can do to Support Us. If you'd like to learn more about Siberian Huskies on a "hands on" basis, consider visiting our new 2-acre facility north of Los Angeles.Please consider giving your time by volunteering at an adoption event, or helping us work with the dogs at our kennel.
Phone: 661-266-9779 or 661-675-9065 (cell)He is your friend, your partner...your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours...faithful and true to the last beat of his heart! You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. Husky Haven of La is not affiliated with any other Husky Haven other than our mutual love for this breed!El Monte, CA pure bred husky, 4 weeks old blue eyes, good temper, playful, in good healthJun. 23 Kari 707-720-9042 Looking for a toy size or teacup yorkie puppy for sale? puppies for sale 34953We raise quality purebred yorkie puppies. shar pei puppies el paso txWe specialize in tiny toy size Yorkshire terriers and at times have teacup yorkies for sale. blue staffy pups for sale in coventry
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We have a 10 acre ranch where all of our rescued huskies have comfortable kennels and get plenty of socialization and playtime as they await their new families.We are dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned Siberian Huskies throughout the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. There is a high demand for our help in other Southern California counties too.In recent months we have been swamped with people contacting us to surrender their huskies, if that is the reason for seeking us out then PLEASE read and follow this surrendering guideline about our requirements before contacting us.We rescue not only the healthy and perfect huskies from the shelters, we save the medical dogs: the ones hit by cars, the injured and the sick. We rescue the blind dogs, the seniors, the ones that get left behind.We pay for vet care and operations and provide our rescued dogs with safety and love and a place to call home until their perfect match finds them. See videos of our ranch and the rescued huskies at play.
, one of the benchmark charity watchdog organization, awarded us the partner in trust seal for our commitment to transparency. We are also a Heigl Foundation approved rescue partner.Husky Haven of L A is a 501C3 public charity dedicated to saving Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and...Jon K. said "I've had many dogs and been to many dog classes, but the Dogercise class I did with Bethany and Maxine was the best I've ever done. Not only did our puppy, Buffy, learn a lot, but I really appreciated how…" read moreI have adopted two dogs from Rhonda and I will say that she is excellent at making sure you end up with a dog appropriate for your lifestyle. Every single negative review I read on here are just a bunch of bitter people who are ignorant of the needs of huskies and the practices that a rescue organization must abide by. The suggestion that she doesn't want these dogs adopted is ludicrous. Of course she wants them adopted - she just doesn't want them going to just any home.
Sorry if it sounds mean, but if you live in an apt, or have a low energy personality, a husky is probably not right for you. Don't fault her for not wanting to let you adopt a dog that she has spent tons of time, money and energy saving and taking care of, if your situation isn't appropriate. She was also very scrutinizing with my application. Yes, it was annoying, but it was with good reason - - I call this "being thorough" instead of "rude and dismissive." She cares about these animals and wants to make sure they're going to have a good life. If you want to get a dog the easy way, you could always buy one off Craigslist that's probably from a puppy mill or from abused parents of some sort. I first adopted Koa, an EXTREMELY high energy dog, last year. There were no words to describe how freakin' accurate that is. Picture a dog that's like the energizer bunny mixed with a toddler on steroids. Rhonda was very wary and warned me about how energetic this dog is, and asked again and again, if I could handle this much energy.
For good reason, bc this dog has ended up being a very challenging animal, but also equally rewarding. It turned out to be a good match, and I love Koa with all my heart, but I can understand why this dog ended up in the shelter and why no one had adopted her for months. It was really good that Rhonda was looking out for me and the dog at the beginning by warning me, bc I could see how lots of other people would be absolutely miserable with a dog like Koa. I just adopted a second dog, Snowy, that I had been eyeing since the summer. As per Rhonda's advice, Snowy is a really good boy who is calm and submissive, which is exactly what Koa needs. I took Koa over to Palmdale several times for playmates, and when I brought him home, I could see that Rhonda was absolutely right about the pairing. I highly recommend Husky Haven and Rhonda, IF you are a husky lover - and by that I don't mean that you just like how they look. Huskies are notoriously independent and strong willed. They tend to be rambunctious til age 3 or 4.