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Hi - I know lots of folk are looking for Yorkie puppies. I'm not a breeder myself. Location: South Africa Free classifieds in South Africa Pets in South Africa Dogs & Cats in South AfricaFemale teacup yorkies for sale The real deal Will be 1kg or under when full grown. 8 weeks old 0.300g - 0.315g - 0.350g...Gorgeous teacup Chihuahua puppies for sale. White and champagne colour. Vet checked and dewormed. Gorgeous little teacup chihuahua puppies for sale. Puppies are very tiny and best suited in a home with no young children call or email us now for more information about them-... olx.co.za 06/04/2015 | Report Ad We have cute and loving teacup yorkie puppies available for sale and are very sociable with kids and other pets and love to...Teacup Yorkies for sale. Mom and Dad is KUSA registered. Males are going for R3000 and Females for R3500. Call Deline 072 967...Report Ad Please help us improve our service by telling us why you are unsubscribing. Succesfully unsubscribed from your saved search.
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Adorably cute Yorkie pup for sale. He is the last puppy(male) left from a litter of 4. toy poxer puppies for saleHe is now 12 weeks old. Dad is registered and the mother's dad as well, very good bloodline. Have received first 2 vaccinations and have been dewormed. Very playful and loves to cuddleCheck with seller · Beautiful Yorkie puppies for sale (Yorkshire Terriers) Yorkshire Publish date: January 21, 2015Beautiful Yorkie (Yorkshire Terriers) puppies for sale, we have 2 male and 2 female pups available. They are 8 weeks, black and silver. Dad's is registered and females dad as well. "They need a loving and caring home"By Gareth Norton A teacup is a small drinking vessel. Many people when they first start looking to buy a Yorkshire Terrier become a bit confused with all the 'different types' ('teacup', 'baby doll face' etc.).
So what is a Yorkie really? A Yorkshire Terrier is a very small dog! (A very special little dog though as many owners would testify) The Kennel Union of South Africa breed standard is quite specific when it says that a Yorkie's weight is up to 3.2kg. There is no limit to how small it may be. Many 'Yorkie people' are of the opinion, however that anything less than 1.8kg is no longer within the breed standard. A Yorkie with a weight of between 1.8kg and 3.2kg is therefore considered standard, but not in South Africa!! In South Africa, when a 'standard' Yorkshire Terrier is being offered, it is often larger than 3.2kg, they have been known to grow even larger than 8kg. That is not standard according to K.U.S.A. In the same way that there is no classification for Yorkies above the 3.2kg mark, there is also no official classification when comes to Yorkies smaller than usual. The terms 'teacup', 'miniature', 'pocket size' could literally mean anything!!
As these terms are not classifications they should be understood as descriptions. So what is a teacup? This is the general, unofficial understanding of these terms: pocket size - anything between 1kg and 1.5kg miniature - anything smaller than 1.8kg Remember many young puppies are able to fit in a teacup! These are very very small dogs! Care should be taken, when choosing your puppy, to get a healthy and strong Yorkie. As you may have seen on my website I mention the term 'short and stocky' when describing my dogs, this is important because you can have a very light weight dog, called a 'teacup', that is long and spindly. Note that there is no height specification for the breed. The best you can do to understand the size of the dog you purchasing is to go and see the parents for yourself and to ask the breeder questions about how big he thinks the puppy will get etc. Remember though, no one can guarantee the size a dog will grow to, as small parents can have big pups and vice versa.