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Rescue a Toy PoxerToy Poxer Puppies for SalePug / Toy Fox Terrier Hybrid DogsThe Toy Poxer is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Pug and the Toy Fox Terrier. American Canine Hybrid Club = Toy PoxerDesigner Dogs Kennel Club = Toy PoxerInternational Designer Canine Registry® = Toy PoxerDesigner Breed Registry = Toy PoxerDaytona the Toy Poxer, sometimes called a Tug (Pug / Toy Fox Terrier hybrid), at one year oldLove the look of a Boxer, but find a dog of that size a bit too much to handle? A mini Boxer looks just like a regular Boxer but is much smaller and is a good option if you don't mind that your dog is not purebred.What Are Miniature Boxers? In truth, Miniature Boxers are not actual downsized versions of purebred Boxer dogs. They are simply another designer breed at this time, and there are a number of breed combinations that can produce a Boxer-type canine that is significantly smaller than a true Boxer.Purebred Boxer x Boston Terrier Pug dog x Boston Terrier Pug dog x Rat Terrier Pug dog x Fox Terrier Finding Miniature Boxer Puppies The following breeders are listed only as examples of what you may find, and LoveToKnow does not endorse any breeder or kennel.
Before you decide to do business, take the time to fully investigate the breeder to make sure you'll receive exactly what you're paying for.Carlins At Carlins, you'll find a breeder working to create miniature versions of a Boxer-type breed, as well as a miniature Rottweiler-type breed. the puppy palace salem nhThe breeder is up front about the fact that there is some Boxer blood in her breeding line, but that other breeds are used to achieve the smaller size while still attempting to maintain the basic look of a real Boxer.chow chows for sale in sheffieldThis breeder is very firm about only responding to inquiries if prospective buyers provide the basic information she asks for on her contact page.biewer yorkies for sale south africa
LSC Ranch LSC Ranch breeds their dogs from Mini Boxer and Boston Terrier studs bred to Mini Boxer and Boxer bitches. You can see photos of their breeding stock at their website. They also offer payment plans for anyone who wishes to purchase a puppy.Crow River Ranch Crow River Ranch produces Mini Boxers from Boxer and Boston Terrier crosses, which they believe to be the most valid way of producing these designer hybrids. teacup yorkies for sale in las crucesThey sell their pups with a contract, and pups sold on a non-breeding contract must be spayed or neutered, but Crow River will reimburse owners for the actual cost of the surgery. toadline puppies for saleYou can contact these breeders through their website to find out about available pups for sale.bichon frise for sale north west preloved
Temperament In general, Mini Boxers have an outgoing temperament, and they make good family pets. However, they aren't exactly like traditional Boxer temperaments since these dogs aren't purebred. If you want a puppy that has the most chance of inheriting the Boxer's bouyant personality, try to find one from a Boxer and Boston Terrier cross.Pups produced from the various Pug and Terrier crosses are also good natured as a rule, but it can be difficult to predict which combination of the parent breeds' temperaments a given pup will inherit.Health Issues Since these dogs have only been bred for a few years, there has been no study as to whether there are any specific health issues being produced from these crosses. In order to get a better idea of which health problems a puppy might face, you must research the parent breeds involved, and take a look at health issues that are common to them.Dog Clubs The Miniature Boxer is not a recognized breed at this time, but it may become one as some point in the future.
If you'd like to register your pet with a dog club, the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Certified Pet Registry take registrations for various crosses that produce this type of dog.Spend Time with These Dogs Before you bring one of these pups home, spend some time at several breeder's kennels so you can get to know the dogs in person. This is the surest way to find out if a Miniature Boxer will fit your life style, as well as which particular cross you prefer. Getting a puppy is a lifetime commitment, so be sure about your choice.The Toy Poxer is a hybrid dog breed; a mix between a Pug and a Toy Fox Terrier. It may be that this breed is rare and there aren't any currently available.Try some of the other related breeds listed below.The Toy Poxer is an interesting cross between the Toy Fox Terrier and the Pug. Both are small breeds, but with markedly different personalities. The Toy Fox Terrier, an American breed, is a gamy hunter that enjoys coursing and flushing small game such as squirrel or hare.
Curious and independent, the Toy Fox Terrier is nevertheless a "people" dog and is devoted to its owner. The Pug, an Asian breed that most probably originated from China, is a lap dog that for most part of its history fulfilled its role as indulged pet and companion to royalty. The modern Pug is distinguished by its appearance, of a stocky body, curled tail, and flattened, wrinkly face with bulging eyes. It is still very much in vogue as a toy and a pet, valued by doting owners for its personality and affectionate nature. The Toy Poxer's colors can be varied. Parti-colored Toy Poxers will have gotten their color from the Toy Fox Terrier, while the Pug parent will contribute solid colors, most common of which are black, fawn, apricot and silver. A mask may be present, as well as markings of a different color from the base. The Toy Poxer is a fun and inquisitive little dog that is suitable for different kinds of households. It is sturdy enough for children to play with, but really young children should still be supervised, as any animal can turn snappish when surprised or hurt.
It is bold and confident, ready to engage other people and dogs when properly introduced. The Toy Poxer is a loyal and dedicated companion, sometimes to the point of getting jealous or territorial when it feels it is not getting enough attention from its owner. It can be quite barky then, but excessive barkiness can be usually addressed by sufficient training. Otherwise, the Toy Poxer is a joy to any owner, a sensitive dog that is not too demanding, and that can behave according to what it senses its owner's mood to be. The Toy Poxer is by nature an assertive and take-charge type of dog. An owner will do well to always maintain dominance in relation to the dog, and watch out that he does not get manipulated into indulging its every demand. The Toy Poxer is an eager to please and trainable animal. It responds well to consistently given commands coupled with rewards such as small treats or toys. The Toy Poxer will need to be taken on short walks daily, to let it satisfy the need to wander and explore.