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There is a widely circulated story that explains the temperament of the famous ‘Kombai’ dogs, a native breed of Tamil Nadu.The British Army, during its siege of Kalayarkoil, capital of the Marudu Brothers, the rulers of Sivaganga, could enter the fort only after killing all the ‘Kombai’ dogs guarding it. While Col. James Welsh, who led the British Army, in his Military Reminiscences, had given a graphic account of the war, he had made no reference to these dogs.But, those who keep the breed vouch for its loyalty and ferocity. English Zoologist Desmond Morris, author of Dogs: The Ultimate Dictionary of over 1,000 Dog Breeds (2001), says this muscular, powerful and athletic dogs kept by Zamindars and certain tribes, are well-known for their ability to overcome any obstacle on their paths.As there is no clear report about the status of this breed, some dog enthusiasts and veterinarians have come together to revive and popularise the breed. Desmond Morris has pointed out that there was some confusion about the status and even in 1960, the breed was on the verge of extinction.
Kishore Kumar, a veterinarian, has created a Facebook page and composed a theme song for the project, seeking to secure for ‘Kombai’ the ‘official dog of Tamil Nadu status’, like the official flower (Kanthal), the official tree (Palm) and the official bird (Emerald Dove).great dane puppies porterville ca“The dog is still there in many parts of the State. yorkshire terrier for sale in beirut lebanonWe can even revive it like ‘Cannan’ of Israel through committed efforts. husky puppies for sale cnyIf someone wants to keep a dog as a pet and guard, ‘Kombai’ is an ideal choice.
Its maintenance will not cost much and it has a natural resistance to many diseases,” says Dr. Kishore.His efforts have paid dividends. In one month, 70 persons have brought home ‘Kombai’ puppies after reading his facebook page, “Kanni, Chippiparai, Combai and Rajapalayam Hound Dogs Breed Standard.” Ramesh Kumar Kuppusamy, a software engineer and lover of native breeds, has gone a step further and agreed to arrange ‘Kombai’ puppies. He is ready to keep them as pets.The question, however, remains whether ‘Komabi’ with its original genetic traits are still available or whether it has also become a victim of inbreeding like the breeds of ‘Rajapalayam’ and ‘Chippiparai.’ Innasi, a native of Combai village in Theni district who offered the name for the dog, said purebred dogs that were available 25 years ago were not too many these days.“Dogs from various places used to assemble during hunting expeditions in the past, and the owners used the occasion to allow their dogs to mate with dogs with a different blood line.
The ban on hunting has ruled out such a possibility,” he said.The dog breeding centre run by the State government discarded the ‘Kombai’ breeding programme, after owners returned them as they found it difficult to cope with its temperament.But Desmond Morris has said that despite its ferocity, ‘Kombai’ is sweet-tempered and tolerant of their children.Kombais are generally healthy dogs, but, like all breeds, they may be prone to certain generic as well as genetic conditions. Hip Dysplasia is a common condition amongst Kombais, where the thigh bone does not fit in snugly at the hip joint. Dogs will express pain or exhibit lameness in one or both hind legs, if they are suffering from hip dysplasia. This condition can be managed with medication if mild, and surgery if extreme. Kombais are also prone to skin problems, with mange and dermatitis being the most common. The hot and moist climate in which they are bred is perhaps the chief reason for this. This climate is a hotbed for various bacteria and insects.
Most skin ailments can be prevented with regular grooming and cured with medication. Kombais are also sensitive to anaesthesia, the breed’s low body fat percentage being the main reason for this. Ensure that you consult with a good vet and specifically check this problem out, especially if and when your Kombai needs surgery.Kombais are known for their bravery and their loyalty, a combination that makes them capable of fighting an adversary till death, if they feel the need to protect their family. While they can come across as ferocious dogs, a well brought up Kombai knows how to refrain from misdirected anger. Kombais do well with children and are gentle with them provided they are socialised together from a young age. The breed is also known not to take kindly to strangers, so early socialisation with many people, animals, sights, sounds, textures, and scents will help a Kombai be a well-rounded adult dog. Your Kombai might do well with other dogs but will not be tolerant towards smaller pets because of their high prey instinct.
Kombais have an abundance of energy and will need regular exercise to ensure agility and to give their minds the required stimulation. They do well in an apartment as well, provided you give them their daily dose of exercise.This page for creating awareness and explaining hidden unknown facts of combai dog of tamilnadu .The Combai is a bear hound found in the south of India.The Combai is usually tan or red brown with a black mask, and with a dark line along the back. The chief differences between the Rajapalayam and the Combai breeds are that the Combai has more powerful jaws, often with a black mouth, much more pendent ears, a more savage temper, and a tendency to be much more active than the rajapalayam. It is also slightly shorter than the Rajapalayam, but appears heavier because of its powerful build. Their coats are easily maintainable, and are less prone to skin disorders, fungal and yeast infections, and parasite infestation. The breed, having evolved naturally many centuries ago, is more immune to most diseases compared to the human-designed breeds.
As a guard dog, the Combai is superior to the Rajapalayam. The Combai were used for hunting and keeping watch. Nowadays, these are mostly used as guard dogs in farm houses. Years ago they were used to guard people's cattle from tigers and leopards. A Combai is as intelligent and sensible a family dog as a German Shepherd, and as ferocious as a Rottweiler to intruders. It is an athletic and intelligent breed. Contrary to the popular belief of its savage temper, the Combai is very alert, a good family dog, loves to play with children and enjoys human companionship. It clearly senses who is welcome and not. As an intelligent dog, the Combai strives to please its master and generally responds to the mood and command of its master from its infancy. It is difficult to find a purebred Combai now-a-days, as the importance of this dog has diminished.In demanding circumstances, they can fight intruders (whether humans or animals) until death.The Combai is a very ancient breed of dog, used in hunting.