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I was stocking up at the package store a few doors over, & decided on a whim to go pet the puppies. It's an adorable little boutique, done up like a baby nursery, but for puppies. Everything you need for your furry bundle of joy & then some. teacup yorkies for sale in weatherford texasBut I wish they'd stick to selling merchandise & get out of the mass-produced puppy business. For every puppy purchased for a ludicrous a four figures, another scared, lonely shelter dog will never get a home. Notice how just about all pet store puppies' documents say they were bred in the Midwest? That's where the majority of "high-volume breeders" (aka puppy mills) are. Don't fall for tall tales about idyllic Amish puppy farms--Amish mills are the worst. I know, I know, the store will tell you they don't do business with puppy mills, licensed, responsible breeders only.
Here are the facts: 1.) No self-respecting breeder would constantly impregnate their mother dogs to produce multiple litters a year, then ship the pups off to perfect strangers; do an online search of the names of these "breeders" & you'll find that they are indeed commercial puppy mills. View some of the material compiled on them by HSUS, as well as USDA's database of inspection reports, and try not to cry. 3.) That puppy mills are licensed means nothing. Breeding operations of such scale are *required* to be licensed by USDA. The standards that puppy mills are supposed to meet do not require that a mother dog ever see sunlight or frolic in the grass. They do require that she have mere inches of head room in her cage. Rules about access to drinking water, treating fleas & providing bedding to protect paws from wire grates have been fought tooth & nail by puppy mills. Some have responded by slaughtering their own dogs in protest of the added expense. USDA openly admits they lack the resources to adequately inspect & enforce existing rules.
What irks me most about puppy sellers: their cynicism & willful determination to spread misinformation & half-truths about their sources & the value of being licensed. PP's own wording on its Web site reveals pups are just a commodity to them.A legitimate, conscientious breeder will raise one, maybe two breeds at their home, and knows that they probably won't get rich selling puppies. They do it because they are passionate about a particular breed and wish to improve upon it. Commercial puppy mills, on the other hand, are immensely profitable. Puppies that are born in this environment--to perpetually pregnant mothers who will never know life beyond a crate, let alone human companionship--and are then tractor-trailered across the country, often have health issues that are expensive, devastating, and sometimes fatal. The sad truth is that puppy mills are notorious for falsifying the documents that are supposed to prove good health and that a puppy was vetted and vaccinated.
As for certificates of pedigree and AKC registration, they prove nothing. Of course your puppy had parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents--that doesn't mean they come from good stock. Registration is simply how the AKC makes its money, and an excuse for the puppy mill to bump up the price. By no means does speak to an individual dog's quality.I am still bothered by the condition of a golden retriever puppy I saw at this store. Everyone knows a dog's nose should be cold and wet. Well, this poor guy's was so dry that deep cracks had formed. Layers of skin were turning white, peeling, and flaking off. His poor nose was noticed by other customers; I overheard several worried comments and a few jokes that the store should offer him at a discount.I've adopted mutts from the pound, including pups that began their lives at a puppy mill. The "pedigreed purebreds" have had by far more health problems that are the result of careless breeding: structural issues such as bowed legs, weak hips, comically over-broad shoulders, breathing difficulties, heart issues--not to mention 2 pairs of horribly jagged (and breed-inappropriate) cropped ears.