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Wentwood is one of the top specialist, licensed, breeders of Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Poodle crosses in the UK and Europe. We are accredited to The UK Labradoodle Association and follow the UKLA's Code of Practice for Breeders.We are a small family business who specialise in breeding out bred family dogs. We breed from lines that are British Veterinary Association Health screened for hereditary illnesses required for that breed and we cross breeds where the recessive defective gene does not exist in one of the parties. Wherever possible we carry out DNA testing for the common recessive hereditary conditions and use DNA clear stud dogs guaranteeing your puppy will not develop that particular disease.We breed from a broad gene base of unrelated dogs producing a much more mentally stable and healthy family dog. We specialise in Poodle crosses from health tested Champion bloodlines. Many have unusual or parti colours and non shedding, low allergen coats.This site is easy to use and regularly updated with pictures of the actual puppies wherever possible and videos of many our litters.
It is easy to navigate using the menu bar on your left.We are situated in Monmouthshire, only 3 miles from the M4 and Second Severn Crossing, close to motorway links to the M5, South West, London M4 corridor, the Midlands and the North as well as South Wales.puppies for adoption dupage countyWe breed Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Spoodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Lhasapoos and Shihpoos all by top class BVA tested stud dogs. daxline puppies for saleWe breed both hair and fleece coated F1, F1b and F2 dogs and Australian type multigenes.teddy bear puppies bradenton
You can read testimonials by viewing our customer albums on our "Testimonials" page or use our Facebook link to meet owners of Wentwood puppies and see their comments and photos.You are always welcome to call or email for more information. You can call us on 01633 400153 with any questions you have or to request an information pack. chow chows for sale in sheffieldYou can also make an appointment to visit.teacup yorkies for sale pretoriaWelcome to Rivergum Designer Puppies! pomsky puppies for sale azWe specialise in breeding spoodle, and groodle puppies. Here at Rivergum Designer Puppies you have the unique opportunity to deal with us, the breeders, directly.
We have a strong commitment to providing you with a designer bred puppy to suit your needs and lifestyle. We take special care in selecting only the best sires and dams to produce the best temperament puppies for you and your family. You can read all about our puppies' parents on the about us page.You can check out what is new at Rivergum, our special news and latest litters by heading to our latest news page or you can click on the buttons to check out our puppies by breed. If you are not sure what a spoodle or groodle is, have a look at the breed profile page for some detailed information. The gallery page is worth a look too, as we have lots of cute pictures of our puppies and photos from some of our happy clients of their puppies. For some helpful hints and tips on caring for your new friend, just visit the puppy health page to read some very useful advice.So feel free to browse around our site and contact us with any queries you may have. *** Last Update 19th May 2015***Go to the Latest news page to check out what's been happening!
We will also have older dogs available over the coming months. If you are interested then please drop us an email. All dogs will be desexed before rehoming. ** Veterinary Genetic Assured Accredited Breedervia ORIVET Labs, VictoriaWe strive to produce the highest quality, family orientated and well socialised puppies for the service sector and family home. for the most beautiful pictures above - please contact her before using them.Our aim is to carry on producing these much loved "Goldendoodles" in Australia and the decision was made to incorporate the name Goldendoodles Australia for all our future litters. We are now based in Country NSW, 35 minutes north of Mudgee.* There are no guarantees that Doodle Coats don't shed.If you do suffer allergies please think carefully before purchasing a Doodle puppy you may be better speaking to a Poodle Breeder as Poodle coats are much more predictable.Once entering into a contract with us, if at any time you feel you cannot keep you Goldendoodle then the puppy/adult dog must be returned to us at your own expense, we do not offer refunds after the Puppy Contract of Sale expires.
We strive to keep in touch with all our dogs and support our owners and their dogs for life. We do not wish to find any of our dogs in a Council Pound or Dog Rescue and if found to have done so we do reserve to right to prosecute.We breed these dogs and are responsible for taking our dogs back if the need ever arises, this is our responsibilty as a much loved HIGH QUALITY BREEDER.Please read the terms and conditions of our contract.BAILEYS - was our foundation Golden Retriever, now retired.Bonnie and Magic as pups. This was Baileys first litter back in the UK.Bonnie and Magic at Nobby's Beach Port Macquarie enjoying some much needed freedom after 30days in Quarantine when we moved to Australia. This photo won the***Winner of the UKLA*** From left to right; Magic, Daisy, Baileys, Steve and BonnieIta Buttrose and CleoWe are very proud to have Ita who owns Cleo one of our Goldendoodles. (Ita and Cleo have given us permission for the use of this image)No matter what you call this hybrid dog, a Goldendoodle, Goldie Poo, Golden Poo, Dood or even a Groodle you are referring to one of the most popular of the large hybrid breeds.
It is second in popularity only to the Labradoodle, also a Poodle cross, and they are both used as guide and assistance dogs as well as outstanding family pets and companions.Goldendoodles, often shorted down to Groodle, is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Although originally only a Standard Poodle was used in the cross, there are now second and third generation Goldie Poos that are bred to Miniature Poodles, making a slightly smaller overall dog.Many people think that the Golden Poo dog is very similar in looks to another canine hybrid; The Dood is typically much larger than the Cockapoo, however it does share the same light cream to dark brown wavy to curly coat of the much smaller canine.Like all Poodle cross dog types, the Goldendoodle is often suitable for people with mild to moderate allergies to dog hair and dander. They are a medium to large sized breed, solid through the body and chest and well boned through the legs. They are often described as looking like a very shaggy retriever with longer ears, long squared muzzle, bright alert eyes and a happy go lucky attitude towards life.
The Goldendoodle is known for the outstanding temperament of this hybrid breed. Groodles make ideal family pets, good with kids of all ages, elderly people, other dogs and even non-canine pets. Although a very friendly dog they are good watchdogs and will bark when someone they don't know approaches.Considered to be very easy to train the Golden Poo, when given the opportunity will almost housetrain itself. They are very clean dogs and with their low shedding hair are excellent indoor pets. Despite their shaggy coats they prefer to be inside with the family rather than as outside dogs. Highly intelligent the Goldie Poo is easy to train and excels at obedience and agility type training. They can become destructive if they are not provided enough attention and regular human interaction.Like the Poodle the Groodle doesn't need a lot of routine grooming, once or twice a week with a pin brush or grooming comb is all that is needed to keep the coat free from tangles. The Goldendoodle is typically very healthy but it is always recommended to have both parents tested for both hip and eye conditions as this issues can be prominent in both of the parent breed lines.