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The Pomsky is usually a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.We are a small family run business operating since 2007. We are specialised licensed dog breeders so you can be guaranteed that a puppy from us has been given the care and time it deserves. We also provide a pet delivery service to anywhere in Ireland and the United Kingdom just to make your life a little easier.Our dogs are cared for in a professional manner, with every care taken to ensure the health and well being of all of our dogs. Our mothers, puppies and kennels are regularly checked by the Dog Warden, County Vet and our own vet. Under current legislation females are allowed 6 litters in their life time by the Irish Kennel Club Rules and Guidelines. While at Katiebrooke Kennels our mothers only have 3 to 4 litters in their life time after which we neuter them and get them re-homed in co-operation with vets and local re-homing centres.How we are a legal Dog Breeding Establishment In 2010 Government signed into law the Dog Breeding Establishment Act.
For the first time, dog breeders have the opportunity be regulated and inspected by government vets. DBEs also are issued guidelines from the Local Authority Veterinary Service in Ireland about good practices and animal welfare.Our Goal It is Katiebrooke Kennels ambition to be standard setters and industry leaders in the keeping of breeding dogs in Ireland. Our standards are driven beyond the DBE levels by close co-operation with private veterinary surgeons and the expectations of our customers worldwide.For example, all our mothers have only 3 to 4 litters in their lives and are then neutered and rehomed as pets in cooperation with vets and local rehoming centres, to which Katiebrooke Kennels make regular donations. Efforts are made to give maximum exercise and human contact time to all out dogs (they all have names) by enclosure design and adequate staffing levels. We feel this should be a bigger part of the DBE Act. Dogs need us tooA nice little tale to end... When our vet checks puppies prior to sale, he tries to find any problems that may affect the puppies life.
Recently he found a heart problem in a little Shi Tzu girl Bonnie, that could be cured but only with expensive surgery. With our vet's contacts and us signing over the pup, Bonnie travelled to University College, Dublin who performed the life saving surgery as an aid to teaching students. puppies for adoption in missoula mtShe was then re-homed as a pet to a nurse and will hopefully live a long happy life.puppies for sale 34953Welcome to Katiebrooke Kennels. siberian husky for sale in marikinaWe are licensed dog breeders so you can be guaranteed that a puppy...teacup yorkies for sale in salisbury nc
This ad isFeatured 8 images minature yorkie/yorkshire terrier lovely litter mini yorkie puppies ,, they are vaccinated and wormed regular ready to go to forever homes ,, come with microchip and vaccination card and are vet checked,,non shed suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, to loving homes onlypuppies for sale yelvertonDate of birthDOB:15 Apr 2015 Ready for rehomeRehome date:10 Jun 2015 Antrim Road, Belfast £275 Save this adgreat dane puppies st cloud mn369 talking about this. images of Pomskys and breeders infoThere are several factors that go into the pricing matrix and total cost of purchasing Pomsky puppies from a breeder. Typically, you are going to pay anywhere from $1,000-3,000 with the majority falling in the $1,500-1,800 range.
As with any item that is for sale in a capitalistic marketplace, sales price will be heavily influenced by supply and demand. Given the high level of curiosity and interest in this designer breed and the extremely limited supply of new puppies, it creates a scenario that allows breeders to ask incredibly high prices.Unfortunately, it also paves the way for unscrupulous breeders and fraudsters to pass off fake Pomskies to the unwitting public.Individuals seeking to purchase a Pomsky puppy will discover that puppies possessing colors and markings typically associated with the Siberian Husky fetch a premium. Smaller puppies and those with blue eyes also command higher prices.If you are looking for pomsky puppies for sale, here is our directory of pomsky breedersSome breeders will also tack on a surcharge to those wishing to have the first pick of a litter. Similar to how a home builder will charge a lot premium to lots in a tract development that are larger, have better views or possess other desirable characteristics, breeders realize that the random appearances of Pomskies in a litter create a scenario where some eager buyers are willing to pay extra to ensure they get the dog they want.
In addition to these costs and due to the limited number of breeders, it is very likely that a prospective owner will need to factor in the costs associated with transporting the puppy. Some breeders will arrange the transportation of the puppy to its new owner and this is going to cost around $250-500. Some breeders may require the owners to pick up the puppy to ensure that it reaches its new owner(s) safely and in good health. Depending on the distance and the amount of time necessary to make a round-trip, these costs factoring in gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, lodging, eating meals out and time off from work can easily add another $1,000 or more to the cost of a Pomsky puppy.These costs do not include the expense of preparing a home for a puppy, purchasing pet supplies and food, or include the veterinarian bills that will arise from shots and other ongoing medical treatment. Needless to say, it is quite possible for the cost of a new Pomsky puppy to surpass $4,000 with a general baseline expected range to be from $2,200 to $3,200.