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Give a pet a good home in Coalville, Leicestershire on Gumtree. Give a pet a good home in Leicestershire on Gumtree. Give a pet a good home in Leicester, Leicestershire on Gumtree. Due to them being very popular dogs, there is lots of Yorkie puppies dog information available for prospective owners. Yorkshire Terriers are an old breed of dog that was developed in the early 1800s in Yorkshire, England. The breed was developed by crossing now extinct Waterside Terriers and Broken-haired Scotch Terrier, and was originally employed to hunt rats in mines and cotton mills. The Yorkshire Terrier was once about double the size they are now; over the years, they have purposely been breed down in size as their role as rodent exterminator changed to pampered lap dog. Today the breed weighs 3 - 7 pounds and measures 7 -9 inches at the withers. Yorkshire Terriers are spirited spunky little dogs that are clever and assertive. Yorkies are best suited for experienced dog owners that know how to train a dog and can be a stable pack leader.
They can be wilful little dogs that can be hard to train and housebreak; positive reward based training works best. Yorkies should never be spoiled outrageously, they should be treated like the intelligent hardy dogs they are. Too much spoiling can ruin them, making them into tyrants. Yorkies are fun little dogs, full of enthusiasm and playfulness. They are very affectionate and love to be pampered. Yorkies do not require a lot of daily exercise; however, they do require more daily exercise than the average toy dog does. Most Yorkies are content with a couple of walks around the block each day. Yorkies are sensitive to cold weather and require a coat when they are out in the winter. Yorkshire Terriers are protective dogs who tend to be suspicious of strangers. They are ever vigilant for threats and make excellent barking watchdogs. However, if allowed they can take the barking to extremes. As Yorkies tend to have a fiery dominant temperament they are not well suited for home with young children.
They are not always the most patient and may snap if irritated. Most Yorkies get along with other household dogs and cats, especially when raised with them. However, they can be scrappy with strange dogs, especially if they were not well socialized as puppies. Like all Terriers, Yorkies are tenacious and without proper socialization and training, they can becomes a threat to other animals. Those considering adding a Yorkie puppy to their family should take the time to talk to some breeders of the breed to get additional Yorkie puppies dog information.Caring for your YorkieTaking care of a Yorkie is generally not difficult. Their beautiful long coats shed minimally, require grooming a couple of times a week and a bath every month or so. Assuming, the Yorkshire Terrier is groomed regularly, there is seldom a need for it to visit a professional groomer. Yorkies should have the nails trimmed and ears cleaned regularly. Yorkshire Terriers are very healthy dogs, prone to minimal health issues.
However, teeth and gums problems are often seen in the breed, so it is important that they have their teeth brushed several times a week and should have their teeth checked annually by a veterinarian. golden retrievers for sale watertown nyIn addition, Yorkshire Terriers are also highly susceptible to eye infections. yorkies for sale dothan alYorkie puppies require special puppy food for toy dogs and should be fed around four times a day, while adults should be fed a dog food especially made for toy dogs and are usually fed twice daily. pups for sale mornington peninsula
It is best to speak to a veterinarian about Yorkie puppies dog information on what dog food is best to feed. Like all dogs, Yorkshire Terriers require daily exercise, socialization, training, proper health care and of course lots of love.teacup yorkies for sale limpopoFind dogs for sale in Leicestershire, East Midlands, United Kingdom from the UK's leading dog website. beagles for sale buford gaPet Dogs and Puppies for Sale in Leicester Leicestershire Advertsvery fluffymini pom for sale sandy in c o l o u r my sister buy this little one 4 days ago and now she found out is allergic to the fur please if u can give this mini pom a good home call me we are selling at 395 NO OFFERS but my sis....Glenbrows Manifesto x Honeysuckle Heart In Fitzrovia Fitzrovia Dalry North Ayrshire 22nd June 2015 Parents Health Tested
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